Gears of War 4: beginner’s guide - horde mode / multiplayer

In this beginner's guide to Gears of War 4 (GOW 4), we give you some useful tips for multiplayer and Horde mode. Based on Microsoft's "Play Anywhere" feature, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC owners can play together. Different classes and abilities will help you in both modes. It is also worth playing multiplayer features as you can unlock a lot of achievements and trophies. The Horde mode has been reworked and is now called Horde 3.0. You can play the popular mode on any multiplayer map. Not every player has to have this map. It is sufficient if the host of the private part has the map. This is to bring players together.

In the Horde mode, you play over 50 waves and kill one opponent after another. Over the waves you must try to build your position and create a defense. After each wave, you collect energy that you can invest in fortifications and weapons in the factory. So you can resume your supply after every enemy wave.

The multiplayer consists of several modes. For example, you are playing in Team Deathmatch, where you must kill all enemies before your team number drops to 0. The Dodgeball mode is played with up to 5 players. Two teams compete against each other in this deadly ball. Try to kill as many enemies as possible. If an opponent dies, a team member is resurrected. King of the Hill lets you conquer and preserve your target rings. Basically, you are playing a small change from Capture the Flag. Other modes are bets, protectors, and war zones.

Execution: There are 13 weapons that you can try. You start with a weapon and you have to shoot 3 enemies to get the next weapon in the line. The team, which first performs 3 kills with each of the 13 weapons, has won. There is a small cooldown after 3 kills. Wait for the time and don’t go back too far. Once you've changed your weapon, shoot your enemies again. This trick is particularly useful when you are still in a double combat after the third kill.

Guardian: A player takes the role of the leader. As long as he is alive, his team can infinitely save at one death. The goal is to kill the leader and then eliminate the team. You should protect the leader under all circumstances. If a team member dies, it takes a short time for him to spawn. In time, the leader is unprotected and can be hit. Don’t kill your enemies, but hurt them and wrest them down so they cannot move properly. Thus, the leader no longer protects and don’t re-spawn.

Warzone: Play this normal mode with up to 4 or 5 players. It is a normal deathmatch. All players have the same number of health, weapons, etc., and must destroy each other. The match ends after a certain time and the winners get a point. In the end the team wins with the most points.

If you win some games, you are in the rank. This helps in matchmaking, so you always fight with equal players. First, a player must cope with 5 placement games. The game then evaluates the skill of the player and places him in one of the following 5 ranks:

- Bronze
- Silver
- Gold
- Onyx
- Diamond

Each rank has three levels. Each game after the placement rounds can drop you steps, if you had too few kills etc. If you lose the number of steps, you will find yourself in a lower rank. In total you can play on 10 maps. Every month, two new maps are added.

Tips for Horde 3.0

Horde mode requires a lot of tactics and is multi-faceted. You shoot not only in 50 waves on opponents, but must also survive somehow. Play the campaign first. Here you will already get to know the manufacturer and place guns and barriers against enemies.

- Be aware that you can’t sit round for several hours on a horde. So, be careful about whether you have so much time - don’t let a player leave the game in the middle of the game.

- If you want to take a break, you must hurry. Make sure you sit near the factory and wait.

- Up to 5 players can play Horde 3.0. Consider your classes well. A scout and an engineer should be there. A scout gets twice the amount of energy that he can take. In this way he is able to produce fast defenses at the factory. An engineer spawns directly with a multi-tool, which can repair any broken defense. You can also get a repair kit from the manufacturer later, but the tool of the engineer can never be broken.

- Collect the energy after each round. All players access the accumulated currency. Give them out and don’t listen to them. Instead, invest in defense rather than weapons. You can also collect them in a round of enemies. So try out new shooting and learn about it. Later, when the waves become more difficult, you need the credits for defense systems.

- Determine which players are building barriers and guns before playing. If you want to build something in the short time between the rounds, there will be a huge mess. So, choose one or two players to build your defense. You should also know a little about the map and know where a gun will cause more damage.

- After a round, grab all weapons and other items. They disappear as soon as the next wave begins.

- After a few waves, you will get extra tasks that will unlock some rewards. Try to fulfill them. Among other things, you will receive replenishments that contain weapons and ammunition. The advantage of this supply: As long as you don’t open the box, it does not disappear - even if a new enemy wave starts.

- Let some enemies survive to collect weapons and items. If all opponents die and new ones are spawned, all the objects are gone. So keep an enemy alive and collect everything.

- It is best to build a safety zone around the factory. Use this zone as soon as the opponents become too much and you need a place where you can gather. In addition, you have shorter paths to the factory, which will save you time.

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