Mafia 3: All cars / vehicles and their modifications

In contrast to the previous installments, Mafia 3 waits with more sporty vehicles, which bring substantially more speed into the game. Just like the weapons, the cars are modeled on original vehicles from the late 1960s. In addition, there are boats with which you can sail around the New Bordeaux. The cars range from muscle cars to smart sports cars. There are also off-road vehicles, which will serve you especially in the wetlands.

The watercraft moves you quickly across the various rivers and canals. For the first time, you are moving through underground tunnel systems to eliminate your targets and build a successful criminal sync. The favors of the 3 underbosses always help you to have the right vehicle.

The driving physics in Mafia 3

The driving physics and the damage model of the vehicles were improved well. So you are moving around the dark streets of New Orleans. New functions such as the ram system are also available. For the first time it is possible to ram your opponents off the road. According to the developer, this should take some practice. Because each car is different, also the flooring and the weather changes the driving physics in Mafia 3. Also the drift behavior is to change per model and only to recognize if you drive a car over a longer period of time.

Another new feature is the mirror that always sticks to the top of the screen. So you have your enemies and enemies always in view and can use targeted maneuvers to push them off the road. A target help also helps you during shooting while driving. So you will be able to hit important points on enemies faster. Shots on the tank cap or the tires are now more targeted.

The tuning system has also been slightly modified. To get you cosmetic upgrades for your vehicles, you have to complete your race and win. There are different tires and rims as well as varnishes. You can customize the vehicle further by creating a personal number plate.

Complete list of cars / vehicle in Mafia 3 (From sports cars to family cars)

Berkley Altamont
Berkley Country Sedan
Berkley Executive
Berkley Gypsy
De’Leo 58
De’Leo Angeleno
De’Leo Apollo
De’Leo Capulet
De’Leo Kashmir
De’Leo Stiletto
De’Leo Traviata
Eckhart Champion PE
Eckhart Taxi
Lassiter Bishop
Lassiter Courant
Lassiter Majesty
Lassiter Mamba
Lassiter Palatine
Lassiter Sterling
Potomac Ascent
Potomac Gallant
Potomac GT
Potomac Heritage
Potomac Independent
Potomac Indiana
Potomac Uptown
Potomac Viscount
Samson Drifter
Samson Duke
Samson Opus
Samson Richmond-Lux
Smith Moray
Preorder bonus: Berkley Stallion
Preorder bonus: Smith Moray MX100
Preorder bonus: Lassiter Leopard

Trucks and vans - from chariots to delivery prints

Bulworth Banyan
Bulworth Freight
Bulworth Hearse
Bulworth Mohican
Eckhart Pioneer
Griffin Rancho GT
Pinkerton Titan
Potomac 5500
Samson Lokata

Watercraft - from sports to airboat

Eckhart Columbus
Njord Seafarer
Salamander Airboat

Vehicle upgrades and modifications by the underbosses

The 3 underbosses will make you different, so you can give your vehicles a performance boost. In the following table, we show you all the perks and upgrades.

Bulletproof tires - Your tires can not be hit ( Available as a favor by Burke)
Improved drive - All vehicles get a better acceleration (Available as a favor by Burke)
Improved suspension - Brakes and drifts are improved for all vehicles, they now have a better grip (Available as a favor from Cassandra)
Vehicle armoring - Your vehicles will be more resistant to balls (Available as a favor from Cassandra)
Improved chassis - The top speed of all vehicles is increased, the acceleration gets a small thrust (Available as a favor by Vito)
Turbocharger - All vehicles have a significant boost to their acceleration and top speed (Available as a favor by Vito)

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