PES 2017: Master League strategy guide / tips

With a few tips and tricks, players can start right in the Master League mode in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. The players can build teams hiring the biggest stars of world football and win trophies and more. With many options, it can be a little tricky for beginners. Therefore, we have compiled a list of useful tips and tricks that can help you to improve your gameplay.

Use Filters To Hire Players

Find ideal players for your team can be a complex task in PES 2017 Master League mode, with the search filter help, you can refine search and find players who perfectly fit the needs of your team.

Change data such as age, overall score, playing style and position to get more appropriate results. Another option is to select the league or team in which the athlete works to find more specific aces.

Set Your Training And Instructions

After a few matches and signings in the Master League mode, your team will have changed its style of play, and will have the most appropriate settings to yield even more. The team management menu, you can customize the positioning and mentality of the team.

Change formations, offensive and defensive instructions and even functions as scouts fouls, corner kicks and penalty kicks. So you can place your favorite players as you like and get pay more.

Trade Players Who You Don't Use Anymore

The Master League mode also allows you to sell players who are out of their plans. So you prevent unfortunate players lose value, and still profits with new hires.

Just go to the negotiations menu and change the options with the desired player, as proposals rivals, exchange offers and other options. This is the best alternative to get more money.

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Enable Auto Save Mode

It may seem silly, but without this enabled your progress in the Master League mode is in serious danger. Once an error or power failure occurs you can lose hours of progress in the campaign, including difficult and hiring victories.

To avoid this, enable the option in the game settings menu. Thus, after every major event in the campaign, PES 2017 will save your progress automatically.

Save Time With The Coach Mode

PES 2017 has the interesting coach mode where you can play games without the need to control you players. Thus, the game works as a Manager-style game in the best style.

Another advantage is being able to increase the speed of matches to finish them faster. Note that you can make substitutions, adjustments and all other options of a traditional game.

Train Your Players

Players in your Master League evolve progressively improving their attributes and skills with the progress of the seasons. In addition to gaining experience in games, you can train players to develop specific skills, such as completion, releases and dribbles.

Set Scouts To Discover Talent

Another way to get good players is setting lookouts, which will focus on discovering players with specific characteristics for the team. Usually these players will be easily negotiated with the teams, and quite affordable.

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