WWE 2K17: Unlock all superstars, arenas and championships

In WWE 2K17, Superstars and legends are not the only unlockable content that you will find in the game but there are also Arenas and Championships. In our guide to WWE 2K17, we will also show you how you can unlock the contents of the DLC "accelerator" with a single click.

Unlock all Superstars and Legends

Overall, there are 60 characters that you can unlock in WWE 2K17. In addition, there are two ways to obtain these. On the one hand you can buy them with your hard earned VC, on the other hand you can also invest your real money. If you want to invest your "Virtual Currency" (VC), then just open the menu of the in-game store and go to the superstars. The table below shows you which unlockable legends are there and how much in-game currency they are worth. Here you can buy them individually.

The second method is to purchase the DLC "accelerator" to unlock all the legends and superstars. With this you will have access to all the superstars. Except, of course, are more downloadable content outside of the main game. You will also get alternative costumes. If you are diligent and have earned VC quickly, you can see in the following table how much it would cost you to unlock all superstars, legends and managers.

Kane Corporate - 3,000
Big Boss Man - 5,000
Bushwhacker Butch - 5,000
Dusty Rhodes - 5,000
Hunter Hearst Helmsley - 5,000
Bushwhacker Luke - 5,000
Rick Rude - 5,000
Manager: Bobby Heenan - 10,000
Mr. McMahon '01 - 10,000
Manager: Ted DiBiase - 10,000
Billy Gunn - 15,000
Jim Neidhart - 15,000
Road Dogg Jesse James - 15,000
Stunning Steve Austin - 15,000
Trish Stratus - 15,000
Brian Pillman - 18,000
Bam Bam Bigelow - 30,000
British Bulldog - 30,000
Christian - 30,000
Diamond Dallas Page - 30,000
Dude Love - 30,000
Earthquake - 30,000
JBL - 30,000
Kane '98 - 30,000
Lex Luger - 30,000
Lita - 30,000
Rikishi - 30,000
Typhoon - 30,000
Big Show '00 - 35,000
Chris Jericho '01 - 35,000
Edge - 35,000
Mr. Perfect - 35,000
Ricky Steamboat - 35,000
Andre The Giant - 40,000
Booker T - 40,000
Cactus Jack - 40,000
Kevin Nash - 40,000
Larry Zbyszko - 40,000
Ric Flair - 40,000
Sting - 40,000
Vader - 40,000
Jake Roberts - 41,000
Arn Anderson - 45,000
Bret Hart - 45,000
Mankind - 45,000
Randy Savage - 45,000
Razor Ramon - 45,000
Scott Hall - 45,000
Tatsumi Fujinami - 45,000
Alundra Blayze - 50,000
Undertaker '00 - 50,000
Ultimate Warrior - 52,500
Shawn Michaels - 58,000
The Rock '01 - 58,000
Triple H '01 - 58,000
Sting '91 - 60,000
Sting '99 - 60,000
Undertaker '91 - 66,000
Diesel - 75,000
Steve Austin - 87,500

Unlock All Arenas and Championships

In WWE 2K17 you can also unlock arenas Championships. The following list shows you all arenas and Championships, which have to be unlocked.

WWE Championship '88 -'98
WWE Championship '98 -'02
WWE Heavyweight Championship (Smoking Skull)
WWE Championship (Brahma Bull)
WWE Undisputed Championship
WWE Championship '05 -'13
WWE Championship '13 -'14
World Heavyweight Championship
ECW Heavyweight Championship '06 -'08
ECW Championship '08 -'10
WWE Intercontinental Championship '90
WWE Intercontinental Championship '94
WWE Intercontinental Championship '98 -'11
WWE European Championship
WWE United States Championship (Cena)
WWE Light Heavyweight Championship
WWE Cruiserweight Championship
WWE Women's Championship '98 -'10
WWE Divas Championship
WWE World Tag Team Championship '97 -'02
WWE World Tag Team Championship '02 -'10
WWE Tag Team Championship '02 -'10
WWE Hardcore Championship
Million Dollar Championship
WCW World Heavyweight Championship '91 -'93
World Heavyweight Championship (nWo)
WCW United States Championship
WCW Cruiserweight Championship
WCW World Tag Team Championship '91 -'96
WCW World Tag Team Championship
WCW Hardcore Championship
ECW World Heavyweight Championship '94 -'01
ECW World Television Championship
ECW World Tag Team Championshi
WWE Saturday Night's Main Event XXIV (Arena)
WWE Raw is War '98 (Arena)
WWE Live '91 (Arena)
WWE SummerSlam '88 (Arena)
WWE Fully Loaded '99 (Arena)
WWE Capitol Punishment '11 (Arena)
WWE WrestleMania 31 (Arena)
WCW Clash of the Champions XXV (Arena)
WCW / Japan SuperShow I (Arena)
WCW Halloween Havoc '96 (Arena)
WCW Bash at the Beach (Arena)
ECW November to Remember (Arena)

DLC "Accelerator": Unlock contents

If you purchase and downloaded the DLC "accelerator" then you can unlock all at once without having your in-game currency to use all Superstars, arenas and Championships. After you've loaded "accelerator", you leave the WWE 2K17 shop and return to the main menu. You go back to the unlockable items, under the pictures of the fighters you can see which button must press to unlock all the content at once. If you press the button, it is already done. If it does not work, try not to buy or download the DLC again. Try it once with a restart of the game. Then repeat the experiment and you should be richer with many legends, superstars, arenas and championships.

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