Dishonored 2: all decorative objects / souvenirs locations

In the latest installment of the stealth action video, Dishonored 2, the ship Dreadful Whales serves as your headquarters between the missions, which you can also equip with decorative objects. However, these souvenirs from missions are partly hidden and must be collected by you. In this guide we show you the locations of all 10 decorative objects.

The 10 decorative objects in Dishonored 2 are found in each of the 9 main missions of the game. In Mission 6, you'll even find two of the souvenirs. Between the missions, you always return to the Dreadful Whales and can look at your collected decorative objects in the first room on the shelf.

You can collect all decorative objects in Dishonored 2 either with Emily or Corvo, the choice of the character is not important. If you choose Corvo for the quest, make sure you train the "Improved Teleport" ability as early as you can to scale certain areas in the game.

NOTE! All decorative items in the game are customizable because there is no mission selection! Create a manual score at the start of each mission. This way you can reload it if you miss a collecting object. Without a backup you have to restart the entire game.

The collected items are not stored until they reach an automatic memory point or manually save them. So if you die before it, you have to collect the appropriate decorative items again. Therefore, it is recommended to save it manually after each collectible. Some of the souvenirs require you to kill certain enemies while others are unlocked directly by collecting the item.

If you have collected all 10 decorations in Dishonored 2, you will unlock the Achievement Souvenirs.

Dishonored 2: Locations of all Decorative Objects

Within the missions, you can move freely and collect the corresponding collectible object at any time. It is only when you have completed the mission that there is no return. The locations of all decorations can be seen in the following video.

Time codes

#1 – Mission 1 – 0:05
#2 – Mission 2 – 0:37
#3 – Mission 3 – 1:10
#4 – Mission 4 – 2:47
#5 – Mission 5 – 3:48
#6 – Mission 6 – 4:30
#7 – Mission 6 – 5:15
#8 – Mission 7 – 6:04
#9 – Mission 8 – 6:45
#10 – Mission 9 – 7:14

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