Dishonored 2: Emily / Corvo - best skills, power and abilities

In the latest installment of the Dishonored game series, you can always choose to destroy your enemies in a deadly or non-lethal way. The skills of Corvo and Emily support both ways. In this guide we show you what are the best Emily and Corvo skills, powers and abilities.

Dishonored 2: Best Powers And Abilities

Dishonored 2: The skills and powers of Emily

Emily has some ways to conquer her enemies. She is the new-playable character in Dishonored 2 and brings her own arsenal of powers and abilities with her. She has six forces resembling those of Corvo, and still quite peculiar.

Emily’s Best Powers

In our list you will find Emily, the best in our opinion. Take them as suggestions, because your own path can be much better for you. Enter through the rat tunnel and thus appear unintentionally behind your enemies.

- Doppelganger: This power is suitable for players who would like to create chaos. It costs you four runes and you can use it to create a clone (double) of Emily, which can distract enemies and lure you in another direction. By improving deadly shadows, the double can even eliminate enemies.

- Far Reach: For this ability, you don’t need runes, and it will allow Emily to take short distances magically, avoiding your enemies or fleeing from them. Improve your range with enemies, attract enemies to you and kill them or hurl them against walls.

Dishonored 2: The Skills And Powers Of Corvo

The skills of Corvo should be known to particularly old fans of Dishonored, since they are strongly oriented to the predecessor. Corvo also has the chance to turn his opponents silently and non-fatally, or to spread chaos directly and not let an enemy live.

Corvos Best Powers

Corvo can go the middle way between much and little chaos. His abilities also allow him to act silently or chaotic way. The decision is with you, how you want to play and with which forces you lead Corvo to the success. We will show you our suggestions, which skills you should unlock as soon as possible:

Dark Vision: For night vision you have to invest two runes and even in the darkness you can discover your opponents and follow their steps. If you always have your enemies in mind, it will be easier for you to surprise them or avoid them. You can even look at the ways and steps of the guards to improve your course of action.

Blink: You don’t have to run any rune for this ability. The force allows Corvo to teleport himself, which means he can simply escape from enemies or move around surprisingly to turn them off. Especially while entering the game, teleporting is the best skill.

Windblast: You have to make four rushes for your wind blast. Corvo can repel his opponents with a wave of wind and even kill if he hurls them against a wall. However, this power focus is rather chaos and it is less practical for the soundless play. The advantage with this force is that Corvo can handle entire groups of opponents at the same time.

The most important thing in Dishonored 2 is that you combine the skills with creativity, resulting in spectacular actions. What skills are the best for you and how is it best combined? Share your opinion with us in the comment area.

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