Dishonored 2: Fix not starting, errors and performance issues

Dishonored 2 players have been experiencing a variety of bugs / errors since the game released. Here we have summarized the most common problems that have been reported by users and the fixes for those issues.

Dishonored 2 - Performance Problems and Solutions

Bethesda published quick solutions for performance issues and this we want to share with you. In general, the developers not recommend using the Alt-Tab key as this may caused performance problems. Restart the game and stop using this key. Dishonored 2 consumes a lot of resources of your PC and so you should immediately close all other applications in the background. In addition, you can get better performance when you try the following settings:

- Problems despite preferences: If you use the default settings and the performance is still bad, then deactivated TXAA antialiasing and reduce the texture details.

- Reduce Resolution: Use 1440p only if you have a high-end GPU. For example, GTX 1070/1080 or similar is recommended.

- V-Sync: Provides you high frame-rate fluctuations fixed, activated V-Sync. Here you should have the latest driver loaded. V-Sync can unfortunately lead to lower Frame rate.

- Frame rate below 30 FPS: Set the Adaptive resolution at 50% to 75% a at a low frame rate.

Further Recommendations and Suggestions for Solutions

If your PC only meets the minimum system requirements, then you may not be able to run the background applications. You have the choice between Minimum, Medium and Ultra graphics settings. On a PC this kind, Dishonored 2 will only start using the minimum settings and Run with about 60 FPS. Even there are complaints from the community, it still does not work.

- Windows: If your PC running Windows 7, 8 or 10, then you must have downloaded the latest update of the operating system.

- DirectX: The same applies to the Direct X version. This must be up-to-date. Go to the DirectX support page to get help when you update.

- Graphics: The graphics card must be supplied with the latest drivers. Go to the NVIDIA or AMD websites to download the latest updates.

D3D11CreateDeviceAndSwapChain Error (-2147024809)

If you encounter this error message, then you are probably using Windows 7. To correct this error, you must download the latest update for your operating system. Once you install the update, then you must still need to restart the PC. The other possibility is that your GPU is not compatible with DirectX 11.1.

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