Dishonored 2: beginner’s guide, strategies and survival tips

Based on the previous game, Dishonored 2 lets you return to the story and the feeling of the game very easy and uncomplicated. Anyone who has played Dishonored will be surprised by the smooth transition. Whether beginners or veterans, we will give you some useful tips on Dishonored 2.

How to do the tasks in Dishonored 2 is up to you. There are almost always several ways to deal with a situation or danger. As in other games, either you just kill every opponent or you sneak past all opponents. In addition, you can choose a middle way and only turn off the biggest obstacles.

- Light and shadow: Provide sufficient darkness. Opponents can be difficult to recognize in low light, so you gain an advantage from the shadows. Whether you want to get past the opponents or surprise them is your choice. Be quiet in any case, because the darkness does not protect you from noise.

- Use your powers: The forces are what distinguish you from many of your opponents. Above all, they open up very often alternative paths, which you unlock through them. For example, you can control fish, rats, and blood flies, thereby securing access to rooms that are not accessible to other people.

- Locked doors: If you cannot get through a door in a normal way, you can "open" them with force or even grenades. However, for light and thin doors, a blow with the sword suffices.

- Security systems: In some areas of the game, you are confronted with security systems. If there is no way to get past them, keep in mind that they are powered by electricity so shut down the wind turbines.

- Leaning: If you don’t want to be noticed, it does not take anything to blow wildly into an unknown space, but you should first look around corners and obstacles, so you can get a better overview and the AI not directly noticed. However, the first method, is not to be despised.

General tips on Dishonored 2

No matter what path you choose, these tips on Dishonored 2 are helpful for any game style. Maybe you already know some of them, but we would be happy if you shared your ideas in the comments section.

- Protect Civilians: Let the civilians out of the fighting, as they call the guards and make your life difficult for you. If they catch you as you enter their houses, they will ask you to go. If you don’t, they also call the guards. If the situation requires it, do not let it call ...

- Safe Codes: In the game, you are often bouncing on safes, which you can open with the correct code. Most of them can be found somewhere in the room, as the inhabitants simply scratch the memory into a wall. Search all corners and you will find something quickly.

- Alternative solutions: You often have to accomplish specific goals for the missions. Optionally, you can also spare it. From your diary, you will learn how to complete this opportunity.

- Plundering: Plunder your enemies and every cupboard. You will not only find some useful items, but you will also have endless money, reinforcements or improvements. This is certainly always the case.

- Avoid panic: Even if you are discovered by the opponents, you should focus on your strengths rather than panicking. Even a blind rush often goes backwards and the rest of the opponents will surely hear you.

- Removing Corpses: Hiding the corpses of the enemies that have been turned off prevents you from further threats. Use this feature to keep your back free.

- Fast moving: When you start to run in public, many people become suspicious. Especially when you have pulled your weapon.

- Listen to conversations: In order to gain important information and secrets, it is important to listen to other people's conversations.

- Artifacts and Runes: An innovation in Dishonored 2 is that you can mark your runes and artifacts. With your heart you can highlight the coveted objects, so you can always keep them in view.

- Bone Charms: Another innovation is that your own bone can produce. Unlock the gain and you can combine magic features yourself.

- Cable Tool: Always use a cable tool for your adventures. With this item, you can hack Robo soldiers, lightning piles and light walls.

Dishonored 2: Tips for the Fight

On a quiet sole or with a hard-hitting fist, you will fight in Dishonored 2. Even if you want to keep the chaos factor low, it cannot hurt to be armed for the fight. Here are our tips on fighting in Dishonored 2:

- Block; The battles can be hectic, and you might want to kill your opponents as quickly as possible, but you should always pay attention to your defenses. However, don’t keep the Block button pressed permanently, but use it at the right moment to get your opponents staggered and then complete with a final blow.

- Crossbow bolts: Pay attention to your surroundings. You can find the ammunition for your crossbow in many places. Whether from bodies or walls, they are stuck in many places. In combat they are quieter and a distance can often save you lives.

- Bloodflies: You can fight against bloodflies and pound with your weapon in their flock OR you throw them another corpse, so that they can fall upon them and pass them by. However, be careful, that they are not eaten by the carcass forever, but after a while they become a threat again.

- Ammo: As with the crossbows, you should always provide ammunition. Balls can be found in many places (depending on the degree of difficulty) and especially tripping is a good source.

- Keep your distance: With a little distance, you can put the enemies out of action before they get too close. However, if your opponents wear metal masks, try to take them from behind. Shoot them on the front, they are protected by the metal - the backside looks different...

- Detect escape routes: Always try to have an escape route in front of your eyes so that you can flee quickly from a fight in an emergency. The best thing to do is try to escape, because your opponents can be so hard to follow. With Corvo, his teleportation is recommended, and Emily can use a wide range.

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