Infinite Warfare: Pack A Punch, Generator, Portal Locations

In Infinite Warfare, the Pack-A-Punch machine is an important tool and it is a long way get to the machine that consists of 3 steps. It comes as a projector and is used as a device, which gives you the whole mess. This meta-level also requires hard actions: you have to find several portals through which you get to the machine. And these portals are powered by electricity.

What does this machine actually do? Once you have found it, you can reinforce your equipped weapons. So you are almost invincible. In addition, the space in which the machine is standing is much more important. There are items that can add elemental damage to your weapons. In this guide, we will also give you some useful tips on how to unlock elemental effects as fire, lightning, wind and poison on your weapons.

Locate all Generators and Turn On The Power

1. Spawn Area

There are 5 generators or levers that you must find and activate. The first one you find directly at your starting point next to the fund office. When you look to the entrance of the park, turn left and look in the building.

2. Journey Into Space and Star Mission area

Star Mission is the name of a huge rocket attraction. Walk through the entrance of the park and turn left. Walk in this parking area towards the back in the direction of the rocket. There at the left wall you’ll find the switch for the next generator.

3. Journey Into Space area - Astrocade

In the same parking area you will also find the next generator. Right next to the Journey Into Space you will find a huge arcade hall. Go inside, defeat the zombies and keep your right. Look for a small niche with a window where some zombies are waiting for you. Right next to the window is the next switch.

4. Polar Peak

Now go to the roller coaster! As the name suggests, Polar Peak leads through frosty mountains. Walk through the entrance of the roller coaster, which is directly opposite the main entrance of the park. Take the stairs to the lobby. Take a look at the EXTRA machine, which is here to sell you tickets. Nearby is the generator.

5. Kepler at the Moonlight Café

Go to the right zone of the park and look for the Moonlight Café. To get into the cafe, you have to unlock a path. Then go upstairs to the establishment. Locate the outer walls to find the last generator.

Find All The Portals And Get To The Projection Room

Now there are 5 portals to be found. The last is the main portal that takes you to the projection room and finally to the Pack-A-Punch machine. Use the top map to get an overview of where the portals are hidden. The great thing about the generators and portals is that you both don’t find far away from each other. So you can turn on a generator and use the adjacent portal to get to the next generator.

Find and use the Pack A Punch Machine

To use the machine, you must now look in the right, rear corner of the projection room. It costs you a unique 5,000 dollars to unlock the machine. Look also in the left corner of the room. Here you will find 4 elements, which you must click on. Then they disappear from the room through the portal. Then follow the steps below:

- Find a small UFO flying around the park.
- Kill many zombies with traps near the UFO.
- Equip your weapon with the mysterious core extra you can buy for 300 tickets at the dealer. So it is a challenge for N13L, the robot, to get tickets.
- Once you've collected enough souls, the UFO drops a core that you can pick up with your modified weapon. Combine the element with a weapon.
- Keep in mind that you can only apply an item to a weapon. You cannot combine them. If the weapon already has an element, this cannot be changed.

To get the elements, you have to lure zombies in traps. Therefore, the electricity must be switched on. You must use the following traps for certain elements:

- Fire: Find a trap in the Kepler Zone that turns and picks up zombies.
- Lightning: Search for a trap in the Journey-into-Space zone that uses the rocket propulsion to cremate zombies.
- Wind: Find a trap in the Polar-Peak roller coaster to shoot zombies with lasers.
- Gift: Find a dance floor in the Astrocade, where you can get rid of zombies.

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