Perks guide - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

In this guide we will show you all the available Perks in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and also give you some useful tips on how to unlock them.

Some of the Perks are already available at the beginning of the game and others need to be unlocked. During the games the Perks can in many cases make the difference between victory and defeat. Therefore, choose your equipment well because it is not always important to have good responsiveness and precision.

The perks are divided into three stages. These are called tiers and give you six different perks in each category. In the predecessors to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, there was already this division, but with less choice in the individual categories. Unfortunately, there is a maximum of 10 items, which you have to consider, so you cannot enter the battlefield with a complete weapon chamber in your pocket.

Tier 1: All Perks of Category 1

Some of these Perks should already be familiar to experienced CoD Veterans from their predecessors under another name.

Recon - The radar shows enemies when an enemy drone is deployed and destroyed. Also, a larger area is displayed (Available from start).

Ghost - You are invisible to certain enemies: drones, relays, and pings (Achieve at Level 18).

Blind Eye - You are no longer detected by AI target systems: Warden, Vulture, R-C8 and shock protection (Available from start).

Blast Shield - Increases resistance to any damage (Available from start).

Dexterity - Weapons can be recharged faster and changed (Achieve at Level 5).

Overlock - Weapons can be recharged faster and changed (Achieve at Level 5).

Tier 2: All Perks of Category 2

In the second Perk category you will find a few old acquaintances with looters, cold-blooded and hardliners. In addition there are tactical perks, which work as counter-attacks or supply. With looters, you can take a good deal longer, as you can win grenades and ammo from dead soldiers.

Tracker - Your enemies leave fresh traces, which you can trace, even if they are disguised. Counter for active camouflage and death. (Achieve at Level 8).

Momentum - You get a sprint bonus over time. This will be reset by walling, chutes or jumps. (Available from start).

Hardline - You can earn up to 8 times bonus points for kills. In addition, two assists count as a launch. (Available from start).

Cold Blooded - Thermal perception systems can no longer track you and enemies cannot see your name tag anymore. This counteracts warping, personal radar and thermal visage. (Achieved at Level 22).

Scavenger - You collect grenades and ammo from dead soldiers.

Tec Resist - Increases your resistance to flash and stun effects. These include: Blackout grenade, melee, cryo-mine and interfering granules. (Available from start).

Tier 3: All Perks of Category 3

In the third category you will find very good offensive perks. You like to be at the front? Then use the perk Dead Silence. If you want to keep a little more distance, use Marksman for precise sniper actions. This allows you to better track down and eliminate enemies. Pin Point accuracy is a whole new perk, which also highlights opponents.

Hardwired - You can block equipment and abilities and be immune to EMP effects (Available from start).

Gung-Ho - You can fire during sprinting and use equipment for punctures (Available from start).

Marksman - You will see the names of your enemies at great distance. Furthermore, you are not so very frightened by hits (Achieved at Level 11).

Pin Point - Suffer enemies or cause damage to them, they are marked. This counters hard wired (Available from start).

Engineer - Point series and equipment are marked and you can see them through walls. Also, in certain modes, you can place bombs silently and retard enemy mines. This counteracts Cryo mines, trip traps and relays. (Reached Level 25).

Dead Silence - Noises and steps of the jump packs are dampened. This countered.

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