Grand Tour guide - Black Ops 3 Revelations

To unlock Grand Tour achievement in the latest DLC Revelations for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 you must find all unique locations. If you play the game intensively and to the end and visit every corner of the map, then you will automatically find all these locations. The key thing is to do it within two minutes. Notice the following:

- When you spawn, you will find the first portal in front of you. You must activate it by interact with the Corruption Engines in front of it.

- Survived from the small zombies until the red portal opens and then go inside. Thus you have entered one of the hidden unique locations.

- The other places you reach via the blue portal, which are hidden on each level of the game.

- Try to spend your points only for the blockades that you need to visit all the unique locations.

- If you succeed to clear the way and gain access to all the unique locations then you have to run.

- You need to run a little because the time is quite short.

- You can always start the game. It does not mean that you have to visit all the locations within the first 2 minutes of the game, which gives you a lot of time to leave.

Now check out the following video and follow the specified path as quickly as you can. Do everything as shown on the video; you need to visit all the unique locations within 2 minutes to unlock "The Grand Tour" achievement.

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