Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom: Beginner’s guide and tips

In Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom, the center is the attack mode, quasi the story mode, in which you re-enacting the events of the first season and by missions you increase your regiment ability in level to unlock new equipment, which you can produce with materials from fighting. Here, you take depending on the mission to control the characters Eren, Mikasa, Armin and Levi, their abilities differ and you can improve each one separately in level up to seven times and that is accompanied by new skills.

Once you have played the game, you can watch the story again in the Real attack mode. Here the difficulty is higher, but it also deserves the best materials for the high-end equipment in the game. In addition, you can control a total of up to 10 different characters from the series and complete them with the optional finding missions to earn more Regiment funds and materials.

Combat Titans Effectively

Most of the time, you will be busy with fighting against the Titans and they are partially in masses on the map. You can kill Titans by attacking their neck and bring the appropriate life bar to zero. Titans come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes they appear without their arms and legs.

The following tips will help you to the fight against the Titans:

- By separating certain parts of the body you deserve additional materials for equipment. This you recognize the golden stone icon at the corresponding body part.

- If a titan attach on you, it is sometimes difficult to perform a free attack on the neck. Here, the two types of grenades (flash and sound) will help you. Depending on Titan they are either against lightning (yellow) or sound (purple) vulnerable, what you can see on top of the screen by a symbol, if you have a titan in the target. Another useful strategy is the cutting off of one leg, then attack directly the neck in the back.

- Pay attention to the guns, some of which stand around on many battlefields or unlock them by side missions. An aimed shot to the head area kills normal Titans immediately. But don’t let them to come close to you, otherwise they can destroy the gun at a stroke. In addition, guns have limited ammunition, but again automatically recharged after a short time, after you have left (recognizable by the yellow bar).

- A fight can be especially difficult when there are many Titans at one point and they cover each other with their body parts. Such situation you can use grenades to stun them or try to disperse them.

- Besides normal Titans, there are still abnormal and bizarre versions. Abnormal fixed on characters and sometimes very fast. They crawl on the ground or jump. Bizarre Titans turn differ in male and female forms. Females are particularly fast, jump and kick a lot, while male are especially robust and powerful. In both versions, you also need only to aim at defensive parts, ie cut off their legs or arms before you attack the neck.

The right combination of equipment

Depending on the style of play you should focus of your equipment. Your gear consists of the three components blades, sheaths / containers and 3D maneuvers equipment together. Each part has three characteristics favoring certain combat situations. Most equipment is strong in two of the three properties. Below we show you which values can be neglected the most.


- Sharpness (very important): Focus describes your attack power and determines ultimately the damage it inflicts. Especially, later in the game this value cannot be high enough because, otherwise it takes a long time to subdue a titan. Short blades cause usually the highest damage.

- Blade length (important): The longer a blade, the higher the combat range. That is, you have a body part not fly right to the point and still meet. In addition, the chance several Titans rise to meet at a time when they are close together.

- Durability (rather unimportant): the gas indicator shows your blades durability ad. The higher this value is, the longer you can strike with a sword before it breaks. But since you can fill your blades usually at the logisticians, this is often the most neglected. However, you should be good vaginal / have containers that can hold many blades, otherwise it is annoying.

Containers / Cylinders

- Remaining gas (rather unimportant): The higher the value, the longer you can with a gas cylinder. The same applies here as in the durability of the blade, as long as you have enough gas cylinders in reserve and fills in logisticians, this value is negligible.

- Gas pressure (important): gas pressure determines your movement speed in 3D maneuvers. A high value here is recommended to quickly get from A to B and to respond quickly to new situations.

- Remaining blades (important): A reserve of blades is especially important if the shelf life is correspondingly low. Sheaths / containers with a capacity of at least three blades are recommended here.

3D maneuvers equipment

- Roller speed (very important): A high roller can speed you faster after your anchors have fixed in a body part. Especially with the nimble bizarre Titans, a high value is very important because body parts sometimes are open only for a short time and attack you as soon you can.

- Anchor range (important).

- Anchor strength (rather unimportant): High-strength anchor you can longer swirl around a Titan before the armature detached from a body part again. This you recognize on the display below the armature.

Use skills of the characters correctly

During the game you have the chance to take control of 10 soldiers who are made up of recruits of the 104 session and the members of the reconnaissance squads. In attack mode, you take the roles of Eren, Mikasa, Armin and Levi. After the end of the last mission you can also with the other characters Jean, Connie, Sasha, Christa, Hanji and Erwin, repeat main missions or play the optional finding missions.

The values of each character can be reviewed on the Player Info menu. These are less marked for strength, endurance, skill, health, concentration and guidance every soldier and cannot be improved on level rises, so always remain the same. Level climbs bring you only new skills. I]It is more important to know what are the strengths of the four main characters.

- Eren (battle rating B): A balanced character with no special abilities or vulnerabilities. Only when you learn the Titan transformation with him, he is very powerful. Every time when the yellow bar has been filled by militant actions, you can transform with Eren in a Titan and defeat other Titans very fast in melee.

- Mikasa (Battle Rating S): The strongest character to Levi in the game. Mikasa can subdue the Titans very quickly and also controlled the chain attack directly. This allows you a body part after the first attack directly attack twice what even stronger Titans usually brings a sudden fall. In addition, the decisive battle at Mikasa longer active, which gives you an extra attack power.

- Armin (battle rating B): your strengths lie in leadership and not in combat with Armin. He even causes little damage. But Armin can issue orders to team members and arrange an attack. In order to recruit, press Circle button and B button. You can take maximum of four team members. Besides, by side missions you can take more characters. They also cause more damage. To target and attack and press the circle button / B button. After a short cooldown you can attack again.

- Levi (Battle Rating S): The best character in the game thanks to high values in almost every attribute. With Levi you can take most difficult missions because he causes enormous damage and just like Mikasa chain attack dominated (level 2). By reaching maximum level 7 Levi may even five times better in a row to attack one and the same body part.

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