CoD: Warfare Infinite - beginner's guide for beta testing

As with most major titles in the games world, Activision - the developer and the publisher of Call of Duty has decided to make playable beta for CoD: Infinite Warfare. This is typically used to identify and eliminate bugs and other errors before release of the full title. The developers have released a second-tier beta, which takes place on two weekends. Release date of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is set for November 4, 2016.

1. Fact: Start and end of the beta

The beta of CoD WI starts on Friday night at 19 o'clock (October 21, 2016) and ends on Monday night also at 19 o'clock (October 24, 2016). Last weekend, the Beta was extended by one day - Let's see if you have luck again.

2. Fact: Participants of the CoD beta

- PC Players: First, we should mention at this point that the beta test for CoD WI is only open for console gamers. Unfortunately, PC players are unlucky, they cannot play the CoD beta test.

- PS4 Players: All PS4 players can participate in the beta test this weekend. You don’t need a code like last time, or you must have pre-ordered CoD IW.

- Xbox One Players: Even with Xbox owners it looks a bit more complicated. You can only play the beta if your predecessor is CoD: Infinite Warfare. Then you will get an access code for the beta from your respective dealer. But there is a little problem. Each dealer will receive a limited amount of Beta access codes. Therefore, Xbox-One players may also be unlucky and may not receive a code for every Xbox owner. Therefore, it is better if you preorder the CoD WI in Xbox Store if you still have the chance. Here you will immediately get access for the Beta.

To Unlock Your Access Code for the CoD Beta on Xbox One proceed as follows:

- Visit the page
- Choose your platform.
- Sign up.
- You also need a CoD account.
- Now you get the key, which you can enter into your Xbox One, in order to finally be able to play the beta.

Moreover, you will receive another 5 tokens. You can send these keys to your friends, who can also be presented at the beta.

If you have problems with your beta code, then you can seek support from Activision.

3. Fact: Size of the CoD WI Beta File and Download Time

Whether you're on the PS4 or on the Xbox One, you need at least 20 GB of free hard disk space. Of course it always depends on the strength of your Internet line as well as the current utilization of the servers, but you should count with 30 minutes with a fast line and with about 60 minutes to 2.5 hours with 16 to 50 lines. CoD IW comes with 1080p resolution and will be well positioned with 60 FPS.

4. Fact: Playable content in the CoD Beta

In the CoD IW beta you can only play the multiplayer mode. Both the campaign and also the zombie mode will not be playable - A bit of what must indeed remain for the full version.

You can test the following features:

- Class Editor,
- The new weapon crafting system,
- 3 of the 6 battle armor of the different classes: Warrior armor (rangers and faster Killer), mercenary armor (supporter and defender), synapses Armor (melee and tempo) and
- 2 of the 4 new mission teams - you can join them and you get prototype weapons, armor designs, emblems, camouflage or business cards after successful completion of mission challenges.

5. Fact: Playable Maps and Modes in the CoD WI Beta

There will be at least 5 new maps in the full version of CoD WI and 3 maps you can already explore in the Beta:

- Frost: It is chilly, there is snow. In addition, you will find a research facility with high aisles.

- Frontier: Here you are in a space station, which has large, long, but also small courses. You can act tactically or run chaotic through the aisles. If you kill, then your fighter will fly into the air.

- Throwback: shopping feeling arises in the colorful shopping streets, reminiscent of the 50s. However, the area is docked at a space station. There is a central place where you can gather.

On these maps you can already try 4 modes during the beta. There will be 3 old as well as a new one:

- Launch confirmed: Dead enemies drop their dog tags, for you get in collecting points.

- Defender: This is a new mode in which 2 teams play against each other. You must grab the drones and defend them until the full score is reached. Then a new round begins.

- Rule: It is 3 on the map distributed flags occupy and defend or maintain.

- Team Deathmatch: Time is money, your team needs to achieve the most kills within a certain time.

By the way: The progress you earn during the CoD Beta is, not incidentally, saved or transferred to the full version. The beta is - as already said - the pure test phase.

These are the facts that you should know before you take the beta test of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

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