Mafia 3 beginner's guide, tips and strategies

Mafia 3, the third installment in the Mafia game series brings many possibilities that are unlocked during the game and this even after you have played some game hours. However, the story is really detailed and intricately designed, so that you will be busy for several hours. Gradually, you will come into contact with more and more game mechanics.

In this guide to Mafia 3, we will give you some useful tip and tricks as well as some knowledgeable information.

Junction Boxes Wiretap: after some gameplay you will come to a point in the story where you will be able to Wiretap cabinets, so any transactions and conversations can eavesdrop. You should definitely Wiretap the Junction Boxes, because it causes all collecting objects to be displayed in the corresponding listening zone and marked the special destinations. In addition, you can now see all the enemies in the information view through walls. So if you are in a new area, you should first equip all Junction Boxes with Wiretap. You recognize the Junction Boxes on the map as they are displayed as a white icon. In wiretapped areas you can incidentally recruit underbosses and earn more money Require: TL-49 fuses -they can be found in various places. When an area is being monitored, they are displayed in the form of green symbols on the map.

Steal Cars And Leave The Scene: If you want to steal a car that parked on roadside, then you should be careful. Do it and then we recommend you to leave the area immediately, as there are many duty-conscious citizens in New Bordeaux, who do not hesitate to call the police. You can also get the witness out of the way, but that would usually take too long. So leave the scene, because as long as you stay away from the blue detective circle of the police, nothing will happen to you because the search is then dropped.

Cars Of The 60s: Mafia 3 takes us back to the 60s where not every car was equipped with a power steering. As a result, you should be aware that the cars are little bit difficult to move, after all there are some "ships" here. You will probably get the clumsiness at the same time when driving. Pay attention to long braking distances and practice driving around curves. Turning the throttle through the tires, then you do not need to be surprised. So, at the beginning, get familiar with driving, first and foremost the drifting and the use of the handbrake at the right moment. If you manage this well, you also gain the advantage of the police during chase. If you set the driving mode in the settings of Mafia 3 to "simulation", then the car is even more difficult to handle.

Cars And Lockpicking: When lock picking you need to complete a mini-game. Press 2x square and X. This is how you set the area for the first time and press the second time when the stroke is in the green area. Go safe and press the first time when the green area is as narrow as possible; The controller vibrates, then you know that you have acted correctly. This will make this area bigger if you have to press the second time - this increases your hit chance.

Killing Should Not Always Be The Solution: Sometimes it also helps to overwhelm the enemy. But you have to adjust this in advance, because the game does not always leave you with a choice, whether you kill or only overwhelm when you are in close combat. So go to the settings via the options and choose "game", then "melee overpowering" and set it either "deadly" or "non-lethal". If you choose "deadly," Lincoln will always swing his knife and kill potential allies. But you should of course be a little anxious to maximize your capital, so choose the option "non-lethal", then you will always remain a choice and the bosses can make money for you.

Save Cash: Well, never take too much cash with you around. There are two money advertisements in the game: On the one hand, you can see how much money you currently have in the wallet and on the other how much is in your safe. Keep in mind that you lose half of your cash when you are attacked and killed by enemies. You should keep your extra cash in your safe at regular intervals, which is in Sammy's house. With Vito Scaletta as an underboss, by the way, Consigliera will become your allies - you can call the lady at any time and give her your money, which she will keep for you. This also saves time to reach the safe.

Avoid Confrontations With The Police: Especially in the beginning you should still be careful and not mess with the police because you almost certainly draw the short straw here. Policemen are the blue dots on your map. As soon as you are within reach, this is also marked blue on the mini map and then you only need to ram a car and have caught your attention. If you have too many traffic rules or the like, then you should leave quickly from the area, the bluish-red flashes. If you get back into a blue area, you should move around unobtrusively or hide. After about 2 minutes, the police will stop the hunt for you.

Take Over a Business: If you want to take over a business, then you must first ruin completely the original owner. To do this, you must remove or destroy all your business objectives. This is how you minimize your income and when your money is completely lost, then you can meet the business boss and get your business. Theoretically, you don’t necessarily have to do all the business objectives to go to the final mission, but these goals bring you money, which is why it is worth it. The missionary will remind you once again when it is time.

Optional Additional Jobs / Contracts: Once you have taken over a business, you can accept and optional additional contracts. They are colored in purple. With the help of these additional assignments, you can increase your profit again and strengthen your loyalty to the underbosses. You also get regular kickbacks. This is your share of the revenue that your underbosses have made. Attention: The side contracts are worthwhile only if they bring you higher income. You should always carry out these additional contracts immediately after the takeover. However, in the course of the game the maximum winnings will again increase, which is also related to the acquisition of new areas, so you can also make more profit with these optional contracts.

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