Mafia 3: Fix most common problems

In this guide to Mafia 3, we will show you how to fix or some workarounds for some known issues such as Mafia 3 does not start, crashes, the game stop at 30 FPS or the image is blurred.

How To Fix Mafia 3 Does Not Start Or Crash Issues?

If the Mafia 3 simply does not start or crashes continuously, there may be several sources of error. The most common is with your graphics card drivers. Update your drivers immediately and then restarting the game.

Download and install the Day-One patch which should fix some errors. So make sure that you have activated your automatic updates. AMD and Nvidia have already completed a huge update to Mafia 3, which should help you.

If it is not on the graphics card, another problem could cause the crashes. Some players noticed that a missing Windows update might be the problem. If the Steam does not start the game, you should look for the mafia3.exe on your computer. Try to open the game manually. If this does not work, you usually get an error code. A common problem is that the api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll file is missing. If this is the case with you, then check whether your PC has downloaded all the latest updates.

Mafia 3 Does Not Go Beyond 30 FPS

To resolve this issue, you have to wait. The developers are already working on a solution. Currently it is not possible to remove the lock independently. The hotfix will appear this weekend.

The Image is Blurred

Some players complain about a blurred image while playing. Go to the settings and turn off the motion blur. If this has not brought any improvement, restart the game and turn off the dept of field in the game settings.

The reddit user Nyclix has published a color correction to improve your image on the PC. Download the file with the framework and then proceed as follows:

- Unpack the downloaded file and move it to the main directory of Mafia 3.
- Rename the reshade64.dll file to d3d11.dll.
- Copy the settings on the Nyclix website, overwriting the contents of the ReShade / SweetFX.cfg file.
- Restart the game.

The Tutorial Does Not Disappear

When a new feature is introduced in Mafia 3, you get an explanation. For some users it does not disappear. This usually happens when you play with a gamepad on the PC. Disconnect the controller and operate the keyboard until the insertion screen disappears. Now connect the PC to the controller again.

The Mouse Pointer Does Not Disappear

Mafia 3 uses its own mouse pointer. If your normal mouse does not disappear, this can be very nervous and also distract. Move the normal mouse to the upper right corner. If this does not help, tab out of the window (ALT TAB) and then back into the game.

Mafia 3 in Borderless Window Mode

If you want to play Mafia 3 in Window mode, but don’t see any border, you can try the following:

- Open Steam and click on your library.
- Right-click Mafia 3 and select Properties.
- Go to Start options in General and type: -windowed -noborder -h xx -w xx
- Instead of the "xx" you have to enter the desired height and the desired width.
- Save and start the game.

Other Problems with Mafia 3

Other issues with Mafia 3 have been reported, but they have not yet been solved.

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