Conan Exiles: Capture and Tame Thralls (Slaves) Break Will

In Conan Exiles thralls are important as they protect your buildings and grant you various bonuses. There are a few things to consider when capturing thralls and not every savage you encounter in the world has the same qualities.

The farther north you go, the more powerful enemies you meet. Correspondingly, you can make more powerful slaves from them. At the beginning of the river, you will encounter the exiles who are poorly equipped. You can subordinate them to your first slaves, but they are not very effective.

Further north you go in the rocky regions you encounter the Darfari cannibals, who are already stronger, but still not very well equipped.

To the east of the country the bandits of the "Black Hand" live in a ship cut from the rocks. The bandits are very well equipped, represent dangerous opponents and are accordingly also effective slaves.

Still further north, in the tall mountains live the brutal dogs. These untamed bandits guard a secret that you have to find.

However, among the strongest enemies in the area are the relics, who have even built a major city in the north-west. In the cursed ruins of the region, they are searching for powerful artifacts. The hunters have trained guards.

Conan Exiles: Craftsmanship, Slaves and battle at a glance

Conan Exiles, Capture and Tame, Thralls, Slaves, Break their Will

In order to catch slaves, you must hit an enemy unconsciously during the battle and then tie a rope to its feet. So you drag him back to your camp. Then you bind the prisoner to the wheel of pain, which of course you must have built earlier. There the slaves will remain for a time until their will is broken. But you must supply the slaves with food all the time.

Depending on the role played by the NPC before his enslavement, such as archer, artist, fighter, cook, armor, blacksmith or guardian, he will continue to work for you according to this role. In addition, the NPCs differ in their "quality" (novice, adept, master or legendary). In addition, each fraction has different properties.

That is, you need to search for the NPCs you want to have. If you need a legendary archer, then look for such an NPC. However, capturing him is then difficult. It is not possible to enslave a novice cook and make him an adept-smith. The reels are fixed!

More tips on how to use thralls in Conan exiles

- Fighters and Archers: To defend your buildings, place them on the walls of your fortress or just behind the entrance. There they keep watch and defend the fortress from the enemy attacks.

- Craftsmen: The craftsmen operate machines and crafting stations. Depending on the quality of the craftsmen, they speed up the production of items and can reduce the number of raw materials required.

- Artists, or dancers: They are necessary to protect you from corruption by lightening your mood. Therefore, you should take the artist on the journey when you explore dungeons and ruins.

- Priest: A priest is essential to summon an Avatar of your God. You can find priests of the god Yog among the Darfari cannibals, priests of Set at the relict hunters, and the priests of Mitra can be found in special temples. The priest is killed in the incantation of an Avatar.

Only if you have many slaves in different roles, you will be able to survive in the brutal world of Conan Exiles.