How to Level Up Fast in Sniper Elite 4

The Sniper Elite 4 is the latest installment in the Sniper Elite video game franchise. The game sets in Southern Italy 1943: The country has been occupied by Nazi Germany. The player is in the role of Karl Fairburne, a sniper who was sent to Italy to eliminate Mussolini's fascist forces and German rocket scientist Andreas Kessler, who is to build Nazi's rocket technology. In this guide, we will show you how to level up fast in the Sniper Elite 4.

- Making the protagonist Karl Fairburne the strongest soldier possible is an essential task for anyone who claims to have the best performance possible in the Sniper Elite 4. Training and evolving the hero makes missions much easier, so concentrate on level upgrading from the beginning of the game.

- To buy better equipment and weapons you need to have enough in game currency, which, is gained by leveling up. There are several ways to earn experience points, so try varying your style of play according to the following tips, as they all guarantee bonuses.

- Karl is rewarded whenever he can eliminate targets from a great distance. The further away the enemy soldier, the more experience points you gained.

Try to shoot to critical points in the human body to activate Killcam and accumulate points. Exploding the soldiers' heart, testicles, or stomach is worth as much as a headshot.

- Most phases of the game have a number of secondary objectives / side quest that can be accomplished in parallel to the main missions. It is possible to end the campaign without completing any of them, but this is not very lucrative.

Even if mission completion time is sacrificed, effort is more than well rewarded for the abundance of experience points earned at the conclusion of each listed side quest.

- Although Karl is a sniper, it's worth looking at the levels. In addition to eliminating your enemies silently, there is another way to gain points.

Study the environment and activities of the enemies. Occasionally, they can make loud noises in megaphones, drive loud vehicles or trigger blasts. In these situations, enjoy the loud sound to shoot, as the ambient noise will camouflage it. Each elimination with silent shot yields points.

- The more different ways you find to kill your enemies, the greater the rewards you gain.

A good way to earn a lot of points is to drag a corpse onto a patrol route. Plant a mine in it and as soon as a rival soldier investigates the body blast them. Also, take care of soldiers stationed on lower floors. Variety is the key to success.

If you cannot be creative, kill the enemies anyway. Each death, no matter how simple, ugly or poorly executed earns points for Karl.

- In addition to accomplishing missions, it is worth investigating every detail of the maps in search of collectible items.

Pull out all corpses in search of the collectible Duty Roster, search the desks and drawers for Letters from Home. Finally, destroy all the Stone Eagles along the way. In addition to rendering experience points, these activities also guarantee trophies and achievements.