Prey: Josh Dalton Blackbox Project Guide, Find Q Beam Gun

In Prey Sidequest The Blackbox Project, you have to find the Josh Dalton’s body. Plenty of virtual corps pave the way through the space station Talon-1. In the Zero Gravity Tunnels you are looking for in GUTS. His body is relatively difficult to find, but the following video shows the exact location. Once you have completed the sidequest, you will receive a Q-Beam Gun as a reward. Enter the GUTS from the arboretum and go all the way down.

Pay attention to the Cystoids, Weaver and Radiation Boxes. Also pass the magnetosphere chamber and continue your way until you reach a large tunnel at the end. You see his body through a narrow gap. Hover along the tunnel to the right and then slip through the larger hole to the corpse and the loot. Pay particular attention to the cystoids. With the Q-Beam, you can fire a permanent energy beam as long as you hold down the button. However, be careful that the weapon charges with electricity (robot etc.)

If you are already on Talon-1, use our Prey-Guide with all codes for doors, safes and more All Keycard Locations, Keycodes and Passwords. While some passwords in the game are always same, others are generated per game run at random. We'll show you where to find the clues about the codes.