Destiny 2: Beginner's Guide For Beta Testing, Log in, Codes

Destiny 2, the online shooter will be available to purchase on September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC release will be delayed until October 24. But the players will have the opportunity to test the game in advance as two beta phases are announced - a closed beta phase, which goes into an open beta.

In this article, we summarize what we now know about the Beta test of Destiny 2.

- The first phase is the closed beta. Pre-ordered buyers will get access to this test and also, beta-invitations are shipped or raffled as gateways of Youtubern, streamers, gaming sides or shops.

- But there will also be the opportunity to test Destiny 2 in an Open Beta. All Destiny fans should have the opportunity to give feedback, they say officially.

Destiny 2 Beta Release Date

PS4 with Pre-Order (Closed Beta): July 18.
Xbox One with Pre-Order (Closed Beta): July 19.
The Open Beta for all starts on PS4 and Xbox One on July 21st.
The Open Beta ends on July 23rd.
PC: The beta starts at the end of August.

Download - Preload to Beta

The Preload of the Destiny 2 Beta starts on July 13th on PS4 and Xbox One. For this you need a beta code.

Destiny 2 Login to Beta: How to get access?

Everyone will have access to Open Beta - there is a FAQ of Bungie how to get access.

- Players who have pre-ordered in the PlayStation or Xbox store will automatically receive beta access with the account they have pre-ordered

- If you order from a dealer and have received a code, you can redeem that on the Bungie’s website. Later Bungie wants to contact players and distribute the Destiny 2 beta download code.

- The Amazon retailer has assured that the beta code will be sent "in time for the official beta test phase".

The Contents of the Beta

In the beta you can play the first story mission "Homecoming", the Strike "Inverted Spire" and PvP. The PvP includes the new countdown mode on the Midtown map and the revised control mode on the Endless Vale map. In addition, there should be secrets in the beta.

The new subclasses Dawnblade, Arcstrider and Sentinel are playable. Also the Titan, a Warlock, or a Hunter as reworked versions.

Rewards of the Beta

If you participate in the beta, you can look forward to an exclusive emblem.