Splatoon 2: Farm Unlimited XP and Money through Tickets

In Splatoon 2, there is a way to get unlimited tickets. You can then use these to earn more money and XP.

The tickets can be given at Crusty Sean's food truck, so you can collect more XP and money in Splatoon 2. You will get drinks or small snacks, which are actually very special as you can get unlimited tickets.

Unlimited Ticket Farm Guide

Once you've settled the tickets, multiply your XP and the money by 1.5 or 2.0 per turn. This effect lasts 20 laps! However, our exploit only applies to the low 1.5 tickets. Nevertheless, your XP and money farm is significantly increased by them and you should be faster in the game.

With your accumulated experience, you can unlock new weapons over time. You need the money to buy them.

How To Get Infinity Tickets in Splatoon 2:

Story - Mode, Zone 2: Go to level 6 and jump over the abyss to the other side. If you look down to the right of the wall, you can get a box with a Tickets (XP). Collect this box and go to Zone 5: Here you have to go to level 27 and look for a column where you can see a box with tickets. Now, leave the Story-Mode and open the menu and press “+”, so you come to Inkopolis. If you now restart the story mode, you should be able to collect the same tickets again.

You can always repeat this procedure and farm many tickets as fast. Although it is tempting to enjoy the bonus of the 20 rounds after each ticket, we recommend you to save your coupons. So you can continue to benefit, even if this glitch fixes with an update.

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