Assassin's Creed Origins best Swords, Bows and Shields

In Assassin's Creed Origins, you’ll find some weapons that can bring you advantages and disadvantages depending on the strategy you use. So you have to pay close attention to which weapon you equip your character to maximize his skills. Of the twelve subcategories, we have listed the most suitable and best weapons and give you the respective bonuses and perks.


In addition to the hidden blade, your protagonist must also be able to assert himself in close combat. The most common option is a sword - whether straight or sickle shaped. Here is a selection of the best legendary swords:

- Flaming Sword (Hepzefa's Legendary Fire Sword): You’ll be able to unlock / get Hepzefa's Sword in the course of the story. Its peculiarity is that it is always in flames, inflicting fire damage on every opponent you slash. You also gain extra Adrenaline and have an increased chance of Critical hits.

- The Golden Wolf (Normal / Regular Sword): To get The Golden Wolf you have to defeat the Phylakes "The Outsider." It will significantly increase your critical damage, and you will gain health with every kill.

- Berserker Blade (Sickle Sword): All rounder, inflicts bleed on the enemy, fills your adrenaline bar on hits and gives you health when you land a critical hit.

- Imitation Siwan Kopesh : Although you will lose two thirds of your life through the Cursed bonus, your damage value increases by about 200%.

Dual Swords 

- Storm blades: Increased adrenaline and critical damage can be dealt heavily with these swords. In order to get the Storm blades, you have to defeat the phylakes "Ra's Mercy".

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- Fatal Duet: You can buy the Fatal Duet sword at the end of the main quest in the hidden shop for about 6000 drachmas. It also boosts your adrenaline level and gives you health every time you kill.


First, you should select the bow. You have the choice between Hunter Bows, Warrior Bows, Light Bows and Predator Bows. For example: Light Bows have a lot of ammunition but little damage, on the other hand the Predatory Bows load slowly but the damage value is high.

- Bow of Wadjet: This light bow will poison your enemies on hit, increase fire damage, and causes pain with critical hits. If you complete the quest "Curse of Wadjet" in Fayyum, you will receive this bow as a gift.

- The Fourth Plague: To get this worrier Bow you have to defeat the Galatian, a Phylakes, and take advantage of the high precision of this bow. It also gives you health on every hit and has increased damage on critical hits.

- Deathstorm: Fed-up with lighting your arrows? Then use Deathstorm, because it is permanently in flames. In addition, its reload speed is second to none. Also for this Hunter Bow you have to defeat phylakes. This time Bane of Hathor.

- Trophy Hunter Bow: To get this bow you have to defeat the War Elephants Qetesh and Resheph. This offers you increased damage on stealth attacks, a high critical damage value and gives you a hit bonus when you choose three meters higher than your destination.

 Heavy Blunts / Weapons 

- Sarissa (Legendary Spear): If you want to put up with the Cursed Perk and lose your life again, you get a long range and heavy damage on critical hits. To get this spear you have to kill the Phylakes of The Stranger.

- Headache Remedy: Get adrenaline with this heavy blunt and help your opponents fall asleep when you hit them. To get Headache Remedy you have to solve the papyrus puzzle.

- Staff of Sehetep (Scepter): This increases your combo rate and let your opponents bleed. In addition, Bayek's health bar fills up again as soon as you kill someone. To get this Staff of Sehetep, you must complete the quest "Bad Faith" in Krokodilopolis.

- Serpent Ax (Heavy Blade): You can get this in the hidden shop at the end of the game. This will cost you around 6,000 drachmas. It provides you with adrenaline when hit, causing both bleeding and poisoning damage.

The Best Shields in AC Origins

- Phalanx Shield: With this you can poison the enemy with a block, also boost adrenaline while parrying, and reduce your opponent's range damage. To get the Phalanx Shield you have to solve the papyrus puzzle “Stone Fungus” in Giza.

- Djoser's Pride: To get the Djoser's Pride you have to defeat the Iron Bull, Phylakes. With Djoser's pride you can reduce the damage of melee attacks, put your enemies to sleep if you block them and absorb a lot of damage.

- Compendium: With this you reduce the range damage of your opponents, causing bleed while blocking and absorbing some damage. To get the Compendium Shield you have to complete the side quest "Playing with Fire" in the green mountains.