Need for Speed Payback: Tune / Improve your Car Speed

Payback, the latest entry in the popular Need for Speed racing game franchise, is all about tuning and improving the performance of your cars to get as much out of them as possible and make them fit for racing events. The best way to do is with the speed cards. In this guide, we'll show you how to use  speed cards most effectively and get your car up to the highest power level quickly.

To upgrade a new car or one of the five derelicts in NfS payback you need speed cards and the car parts are categorize into Block, Turbo, Transmission, Head, Exhaust, and Engine Control Unit. You can either install them in the tune up shop or in your garage. You only have one garage at the beginning of NfS Payback, but you can buy three more as you progress through the game.

A Speed card comprises three different elements: Brand, Bonus and Rating that have different effects on the overall performance of your car.

- Brand: Depending on Speed card color, it matches one of the brands in the game: Americana, Nextech, Chidori, Outlaw and Carbon. If you equip three Speed cards of the same brand at the same time, you will be able to unlock additional bonuses.

- Bonus / Perks: A speed card can have up to three perks. The more valuable a card, the more bonuses it has. A distinction is made between speed / bonus Tempo (horsepower and top speed), Acceleration (quarter-mile time and from 0 to 100 km / h), Nitro (power and capacity), Brakes (power and response) and Air (Airtime and Landing).

- Rating: Last but not least, the large number on the left of the speed map indicates the value of your car's performance level. Again, the higher, the better.

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A car can reach a maximum power level of 399. If you reach that, then you’ll be able unlock the achievement Another Man's Treasure.

Where do you get the Speed Cards from?

The Speed Cards are great, but where do you get them from? In any case, these tuning cards are not shown to you. Instead, you have to use different methods to get them:

- Tune - Up Shop: If you have enough virtual money in your hand, then you can visit the shops in Fortune Valley and buy new Speed Cards, the offer is updated constantly.

- Slot Machine: Also in the shops you can trade speed cards for part tokens. If you invest three of them in a one-armed bandit, you can pretty much get a speed card more or less according to your wishes.

- Racing Events: Of course you can also participate in a racing event and at the end of each event you have the choice of three face down cards.
Deliveries: If you are willing to spend real money, then you can also come to tokens. Or you wait until the next step up. Then there are tokens that you can put back in the slot machines.

Tips for Tuning and Speed Cards

- At the beginning of the game, you’ll not get all optical tuning categories. So you have to create some challenges in order to pimp the car completely.

- The speed cards you get at racing events are limited to the car you used to race. Thus, you cannot use them on another car or tune up a low-level car quickly.

- The performance of the cards is based on those of your car, so there is no point in saving the cards. Besides, you will need the tuning to win the next race.

- Use the six slots of a car as fast as possible with speed cards. You can exchange them as often as you like and especially at the beginning you will be grateful for every tuning.

- Don’t try to bring all derelicts to their highest level immediately. It costs you too much and is time consuming. Concentrate on a car and mote it properly.

- Tunt a car only as far as it is necessary for an event. After that, you have new resources and opportunities and since money and tokens are limited and you have to constantly switch between your car classes, you have to count well to not stand there empty-handed at the end.

However, in the end, you'll have enough resources to get your car up to the maximum power level without putting real money into play.