MH World: Weaken, Traps and Use Bombs to Catch Monsters

In Monster Hunter World, you’ll find some quests where it's required that you catch a monster alive. Otherwise, the quest will fail. But how do you catch a monster in MHW? The Traps and Tranq Bombs are not easy to master and even if you are an experienced hunter you may face problems in catching monsters. Therefore, in this guide, we’ll give you some useful tips and show you how to weaken, trap or use tranq bombs to catch a monster alive.

Before you start a quest to catch monsters, you should prepare yourself properly. You can get the necessary assignments in the Resource Center and you should visit there more often. There you will see all requirements and rewards for the quest. If you know how to make traps and use tranq bombs, then you should definitely do that before and stock up on your inventory.

Weaken the Monster

The clock start ticking after you’ve accepted the task and reached the camp. Nevertheless, you should still take a look in the chest, because in it you will still find an additional trap and tranq bombs. But don’t just rely on it. Because if you spill the trap, the quest is definitely made more difficult.

Now it's about finding the fine line between death and weakening. It is essential that you know the behavior of the monster. So, before you go for a catch quest, you should have hunted the creature before you know when it has enough. Generally, there are two signs that a monster is weakened:

Drooling: If you have already killed a Pukei-Pukei and observed in the last third, as purple mucus dripping from his mouth? Then you've weakened the creature so much that it's ready for the final blow ... Or your trap.

Monster Hunter World, Weaken, Traps, Use Tranq Bombs to Catch Monsters

Humping: Often the beasts also begin to hobble when you have sufficiently mauled them.

Escape: In general, many monsters retreat only once they have collected too much.

Beware: The animals are not weakened enough when they run away!

If the monster flees, speed is needed before it can regenerate in the nest. So you have to lure it into a trap in the next step.

Set Traps And Attract The Monster

You have the choice between different traps - a shock trap you build from traps and thunder bugs or a simpler trap pit for which you need nets and traps. Traps are available in Astera.

- Select the trap of your choice in the items at the bottom right of the screen and activate it at the right time.

- It is best to go in front of the monster so that it runs in your direction and thus falls straight into the trap. Attention, because once the trap is laid, you can not pick it up again.

- If that doesn’t work, you can also use baits made from fresh meat in some monsters so that they are lured to the trap.

- It is best to place the trap near the nest to scare it away and navigate your trap.

Attention! Not every trap works for every monster! For example, a shock trap only incites Anjanath, while being extremely useful to a Kulu-Ya-ku. So also study the lexicon to internalize the strengths and weaknesses of the monsters.

Use Tranq Bombs or Ammunition?

The weakened monster has fallen into your trap? Very good! The biggest work is done now. Now you should only hope that you have packed enough tranq bombs. You can also buy these in Astera or make them yourself for that you need sleep herb and parashroom.

- Now you have to pick the bombs instead of the trap and throw the monster with them until it faints.

- If you use a bullet weapon, such as the bow rifle, you can also equip soothing ammunition and shoot at the monster.

- It is best to aim for the head of the creature, because after all, it should inhale the gases!

If the monster is successfully caught, you will not get the loot that you would have when chasing, but still often very useful materials. You will also find the tamed beast in Astera in the northwest, where it is eagerly studied before its release.