Find, Hunt - Farm, and Cook Food in Metal Gear Survive

Like water, food is in short supply in Metal Gear Survive. At the beginning it will be very difficult for you to find food. In this guide, we will give you some helpful tips on how to satisfy your hunger.

To survive in the beginning of the game, you have to hunt sheep that will give you Karakul sheep meat, which you just have to fry in the campfire. A sheep will give you one portion of grilled meat and that will help you to survive in the first hour - but unfortunately not afterwards.

As you progress through the main story, you will be able to unlock more and more food items. Also don’t forget to always have a bottle of clean water and a meal on your exploration trips, so you don’t get into trouble.

Although sheep will give you good meat, you will also need to look for smaller animals - especially as you will soon have completely hunted the sheep in the area. Listen to a kind of beeping when you are on the way. As soon as you hear the sound, stop and look around. You have to look for small rodents that usually run around in a group of 4 to 5 furry friends. Kill them to cook small meals around the campfire.

Find, Hunt, Farm, Cook Food, Metal Gear Survive

Also, focus on the main missions. With them, you gradually unlock upgrades. So, with the completion of Chapter 7, you will get an upgrade of the campfire and can make a saucepan that will automatically give +200 food to all meals. You also receive limited-time bonuses that you should definitely use on your missions!

The bow is the best weapon to use during hunting and get meat in Metal Gear Survive. It is quiet and the ammunition is easy to craft. Although this tip is obvious, but should not be neglected: always cooks meat! If you don’t, you will suffer infections that you can only heal with medication. But if you cannot prevent it, eating raw meat is not that bad. Your character vomits about every two minutes. Unfortunately, you don’t know when that will happen.

Animals appear again and again in the same areas. However, it takes about an in-game day to get back to the same place. Later in the game, you can build tents and rest in them for time to pass. However, we don’t recommend that to you, as this method also increases your hunger and thirst. As soon as new animals spawn, you will see blue circles on the map informing you.

- Wild berry will give you +150 reduction of hunger when ingested
- Roasted Gerbil will give you +300 reduction of hunger
- Grilled Karakul sheep will give you +700 reduction of hunger

Sneak up on enemies and kill them with stealth kills. So you dig up less food and don’t get hungry so fast. You also get a multiplier on Kuban Energy that you get after killing.

Tip: there is a trick to quickly reduce hunger. As soon as you switch to the multiplayer lobby and back, your food bar fills up to 25%. That's not much, but it could help you especially at the beginning of the game!

To get more material from hunted animals, you should make them unconscious with targeted blows to the head. Now get closer to the animal. You can teleport it to your base camp. Now go back to your base and get the materials here. However, for this method you need a teleporter, which you get in the course of the main quest.

Note: If you have problems with large animals at the beginning, always aiming to knock them out. Then you can kill them and loot them.

Find and Grow Potatoes and Onions

In the 7th chapter you can collect potatoes. Be sure to take them with you so you can plant them in your camp. But you need at least two potatoes to open a farm in your base. You can also find and plant onions. But until they grow, it takes about 220 minutes, which is almost 4 hours. Since this is real time, you should go hunting in time. You can also turn off your PC or console - the vegetables grow in time.