Frostpunk Getting Started Guide, Useful Tips for Beginners

You probably don’t know what to do at the beginning of Frostpunk, and can make mistakes that will cost you later in the game. For the first few days, you should know the following:

- You don’t need to run the generator during this period.

- If your workers don’t like to work extended hours, then it takes longer to build roads and buildings. However, your NPCs are so nice and build even in their after hours work. From 18 clock they do the construction. Accordingly, at the beginning you should assign a job to all NPCs and then let them build tents and other buildings in their spare time.

- Instead of using nearby resources and assigning workers there, you should build collection points around these materials. Collection points have following advantages.

Frostpunk, Strategy Guide, Getting Started, Useful Tips,

1. Giving some heat to the workers and reducing the risk of disease;
2. Forcing them to build roads, which means workers can move materials to the warehouse faster;
3. Collecting points only 10 workers, while resources require 15 people,

- Take care of wood. With this resource you not only build buildings, you also need them for research and to build roads. So that your workers don’t take so long for their ways, you should build roads as fast as possible. Once you have your first ring built around the generator, immediately add a road to the outside.

Frostpunk: Upgrade Generator and Improve Heat Efficiency

At the beginning, you should only pass laws when they are really needed. The cooldown can be your trouble. As soon as the built tents become too cold, the people come with a request that they should heat the tents. Before you accept that, look at the bar as to when the next temperature swing will come.

Frostpunk, Strategy Guide, Building Guide

The temperature view is your best friend. If you turn it on at the beginning of a turn, you will see that you don’t necessarily have to activate the generator. So wait until the first temperature fluctuation occurs. In time, you can take care of collecting wood. But don’t neglect your iron mining.

You will be able to break down iron very slowly in the beginning, but later you will need the material in masses - especially if you want to research and build.

It also saves you time when you focus on building some kind of coal mining. You will need this time later.

Frostpunk, Strategy Guide, Getting Started, Activate Generator

Also learn when you need to de-activate the generator. If you run out of coal , you should learn how to properly set the steam level and range of the generator along with the overdrive setting. First investigates overload clutch (under heating at level 2 for 30 wood and 20 irons). This heats the generator 2 levels higher if you activate overdrive.
If it gets colder now, you turn on Overdrive and keep the stress level in view. This will allow you to correct the steam level down. Before the stress level of the generator has reached 100 percent, you now switch the steam level back up, let the yellow line go up to the level and then turn off overdrive. This saves you money on a continuous basis.

 Frostpunk, Strategy Guide, Getting Started, Useful Tips, Cold Homes

When building you can do a lot wrong. Here it is decided how many inhabitants of you become ill and then even die. Think carefully about which buildings you want to place in which row around the generator. We recommend that you use the first and second row only for tents and medical stations. You should place workshops further back.

Therefore pay attention to the basic heating of the building. If it is at least 2, it cannot only defy cold temperatures, but also heat neighboring homes. The hunters' hut and the workshop are such buildings.

But also the way between the buildings is important. For example, people eat at the cookhouse. They leave their work when they are hungry and go to the cookhouse.

Frostpunk, Strategy Guide, Getting Started, Useful Tips, Heating

As with any building simulation, there are buildings you should build and those that are not worth the resources. The greenhouse belongs to the category of meaningless buildings. Not only do you need a steam core, you also need to research it.

Therefore, we recommend you to put on hunters' huts. Research the improvements to get even more out of the building. Also build several workshops to get the research done as fast as possible.

Take care of collecting resources quickly. The materials you find inside the crater will be consumed very quickly. Therefore, you should think about replenishment in the form of a coal-fired generator, sawmill and steel plant as soon as possible.

If you later research the steam upgrades for these buildings, you can build them over the normal versions and even save materials. Later you should definitely build outposts. Send scouts on reconnaissance trips and build the outposts to get resources daily. For example, if you are exploring the coal mine, you can get 800 coal per day through outposts.

Frostpunk, Strategy Guide, Getting Started, Useful Tips, Gathering Post

Research is an important topic. You should always have something to explore. It must not stagnate! You should unlock the first technology level of drawing boards as soon as possible. That costs you 50 wood and about a working day.

Forget the hothouse. We got along well without this building. That's just a waste of steam. Invest in the Hunter's Lodge and improve it. Another research is collecting faster. That's almost a must when you're putting on coal emitters.

Houses are also an important research blueprint. They are incredibly powerful, as they provide themselves with heat. In addition, the coal saves that your generator does not have to fuel it anymore and you can reduce the steam level.

 Frostpunk, Strategy Guide, Getting Started, Useful Tips, Public House

Laws play well with your emotions and values. We have always decided against child labor. We researched the signal station as quickly as possible to get more people to our colony. If you are building a children's home, you can later pass a law that will allow you to send children to medical wards or workshops. Especially the latter increases the research speed, which we found quite practical.

Only pass laws if your people want it or if it necessarily has to be. Because of the cooldown, you can get in trouble here if you're constantly letting new laws out. They also help you in specific situations. Wait until you're in such a position.

A law that many players neglect: the fighting arena! It raises hope. You have to place them so that as many people as possible live around them. But don’t just take the duel law. People from your population are dying - and they are the most important resource. Other important laws are:

- Life support is first a law that should not be signed so easily. But this reduces the number of amputees. Later you can heal the seriously ill.

- Supplementary rationing for the sick doubles the food ration for the sick, but if you have enough raw food to heal your sick person faster.

- Emergency Shift and Extended Shift can save your life. Although the dissatisfaction increases, you will be grateful for the law if you are short of resources. Especially Extended Layer does not have a cooldown, but is switched on and off by switch at each workstation, making it easier to plan with. For example, you can put workshops on longer shifts and thus explore more!

The last tip is also the most time-consuming. Always pay attention to what your workers do. For example, if you need more food, you can quickly take off some workers from other workshops at 6:00 pm (normal) and add them to the Hunters' Huts. They then run after 18 clock still fast behind the big hunters group.

For example: if a warehouse is full or if the sawmill's wood becomes scarce, you have to react in good time and transfer the workers to other jobs. So you are always busy and should look at how efficient a building is. If a sawmill is unusable, you should not only relocate the people, but also need to dismantle it as well. You need the materials.

If you later use automatons, you should first use them only for support. Since they recharge several times a day, it can happen that your coal stock drops to 0 because no one cares about the collection. That's why we always set our automatons to separate collective warehouses. We occupied more camps with people when our coal ran short.

Speaking of automatons: They not only charge themselves to generators, but also to steam centers. If you build such a building close to the work of your machines, they do not have such a long way to recharge.