God of War (2018) - Getting Started and Strategy Guide

The God of War (GoW) 2018 is now available exclusively on PS4. The reboot version of the GoW is a bit different from the previous games, but many mechanics have remained intact. If you have not played any other GoW games, then we've compiled some useful getting started tips and strategies below that we think will help you get started.

You can change the difficulty level in GoW at any stage of the game but to enjoy the hardest challenge, you have to start the game from the beginning, it does not matter which option you choose here. More about difficulty level selection can be found here.

Tips for the fight

Replenishing health and rage has always been one of the most important tasks of the GoW game series. Also in the latest installment it is not different. You need Idunn apples and horns to extend the two bars. You will get them from Nornir chests and to open them, you have to destroy three seals nearby. Keep your eyes open and look closely at the surroundings. Some you can smash with your axe. Rage is a major factor in the fight.

In the previous games it took much longer to get the rage bar full. Now, you don’t have the problem with GoW 2018. If you are used to keeping the Rage for terrible situations from your previous installments, then you can take this automatism off. Nevertheless, you should continue to use this mode wisely. Finally, Kratos also heals in its time of action. This is one of the more useful tips especially for more dangerous battles.

At the beginning of the game you have an axe and fists. You can aim with L2 and then throw with R2. Throw the ax at your opponents to freeze them and then treat them with your fists. The best thing to do is to concentrate on the weak spots of the opponents and pay attention to their attack patterns.

However, this is only 100% useful if the opponents are not yellow or red. In these cases, you should rather concentrate on dodging with X. Later, you can unlock an ability to block unblockable attacks.

Atreus (Loki), you cannot forget him, because he shoots at all the enemies you mark as fair game for him. Just aim at them and confirm the target with square.

God of War, 2018, Getting Started, Strategy Guide

Ranged combat is generally a great way to keep bad and powerful opponents off your back. This is especially true when they are guarding a valuable treasure.

Always have a resurrection stone, because if Kratos ever falls, Atreus will be able to revive him. Press in such a case quickly quadrilateral and the son helps the father back on his feet. However, the resurrection stone is used up, so be sure to buy new ones. You can buy these from Sindri and his brother's shop. The main quest leads you there.

After all, you don’t want to just follow the story, but also discover secret treasures in areas where the main quest does not lead you. Stick to Atreus , because he will always follow the red thread, and choose the other way to explore all the areas accordingly.

Stand still for a moment and listen to your son because he sees things you may not be able to pay attention to. Whether treasures in trees, sacks on the ceilings and lanterns or collectibles; a little hint from Atreus will help you here regularly. Take a look at Hans-in-the-Air and throw your ax to get the bags and containers from the ceiling. Maybe you are lucky and they fall on the head of an opponent - hacksilver rains in any case.
Once you are ready in the main story, Atreus will also be able to revive you!

The following list gives you a few short tips that we will expand over time, as long as we notice something important:

- You cannot enter some places at the beginning of the game. Be sure to remember where they were so you can visit them later. Fortunately, if you discover something special, such as hidden chambers, it will usually be drawn on the map.

- The spells are a kind of runes that improve your weapons and armor. You can upgrade them when changing gear, so don’t forget that! Always watch out for the enemies in the areas you are in and pick the spells accordingly.

- The level of Kratos is determined by the armor you put on it. This means that you always have to keep an eye on their value. Look closely at new armor, because sometimes it's better to upgrade the old armor.