God of War (2018): Unlock Secret Alternate Ending

In God of War (2018), you can get a secret ending that will show you an alternate outcome of the story. Here, will show you how you can unlock this secret ending.

As you play through the game you’ll encounter many more activities, treasures and secrets to find and solve. For example: you can search treasure maps and Nornir chests make or do all the other favors.

However, with a little trick, you can unlock an alternate ending also know as the "real" ending. After completing your journey, you go one last time to your house in the wild forest - you can use the mystic gateway to get here faster. In the hut Kratos 'and Atreus' adventures began and here also the secret end is to be revealed.
In the house you will find some beds, where father and son have to take a quick nap. This will play a secret end and an alternate end sequence will go over your screen.

God of War, 2018, Unlock Secret Ending, Alternate Ending

We don’t want to reveal too much info here. Maybe this alternative end is a hint of a new DLC or even the next part of the series.