Unlock and Defeat Kulve Taroth in Monster Hunter World

A new limited time quest called Kulve Taroth Siege has been added to Monster Hunter: World bringing new Dragon Elder. It is up to you, whether you want to fight against this monster alone or go with up to 16 players. Either way, you should hurry, because this quest is limited time offer and will be available to you only a few weeks.

Before you jump into the fight with the new monster, you have to check off a few points for the quest to be unlocked with Kulve Taroth. Since you were probably hard-working monster hunters that should not take too much time:

- Main story: The main story of MHW must be completed, which means that you have already competed against Xeno'jiiva.

- Hunter Rank: You must be at least Hunter Rank 16.

- Golden Scales: To alert you to the newcomer, you must collect golden scales in optional quests that the dragon has dropped. In almost every area, you’ll find its scales.

Once you've found a golden scale, you should take it to the Admiral to trigger a cutscene. To get to the quest, you need to talk to the venue and the site girl. Here is the new tab Kulve Taroth Siege. Here you can now choose whether you want to go with your friends or rather alone. Either way, you should prepare yourself before setting out for the Quest in the Eden Hall in the Eldorado Caves.

The new monster is not only pretty to look at but also the battle is exhausting one, and you should prepare your self well for the fight, especially with fireproof outfits. Furthermore, you should think about the following things:

- Take a good meal from the canteen, which will boost attack and defense at best. Elemental resistance is also welcome.

Unlock, Defeat Kulve Taroth, Monster Hunter World

- In the beginning, weapon attacks with thunder damage are very important. However, later in the fight you want to put on ice to cool the monster.

- In your armor selection, you should choose parts that work against fire. This will save you burns. Also take the fire protection coat with you.

- Fill up your inventory with enough health drinks and cold drinks. At first you may not need them in combat, but in the later stages they are essential!

- Interact with Poogie. If it brings no luck, the pig is happy at least and that's something.

Defeat Kulve Taroth

If you are with 16 players, then you should divide them into four groups of four and can dedicate yourself to different tasks in the first phase. You only see the three other players of your group, the others are not visible to you. However, if you close one point, the other groups will be shown that you have reached the goal. So the tasks don’t double and you can research and collect efficiently.

The more goals and tasks you achieve, the better the reward will be in the end. On the other hand, if you don’t do enough of the work, the dragon can disappear prematurely and leave you with undetected things. The goals are mainly based on breaking parts of Kulve Taroth. So that you know what to focus on in the next round, it is helpful to have the tasks in mind.

Tip: If you go offline temporarily or leave the current assembly hall, your progress will naturally be lost and you will have to start from the beginning. Take enough time for the Kulve Taroth and stay in one session.

The quest and the fight against Kulve Taroth are divided into different phases, which we briefly describe below, and then give you tips on how to do them in the best possible way. The goal is also to cut off the horns of the Kulve Taroth :

- Follow Kulve Taroth in the first area of the caves and use the cannons to shoot at the monster and the beetles to cross the area. Shoot the rocks on the ceiling to knock out the kite for a moment, then hit its head. Even with barrel bombs, you are doing a lot of damage here. With much resistance you don’t have to expect in this phase.

- If you have done enough damage to the monster, it flees to the next area that you can climb over wedge-beetle. But watch out for the fire puddles and fire balls. Your body is starting to glow, which means that everything is now a weak spot.

- Now it's getting hot and you should be careful not to step into the lava on the floor. Take a few cold drinks and put on the fire- resistant coat. Against Kulve Taroth you can also let the rocks drop from the ceiling.

- From here you should take care of the horns of the monster intensively, because it takes quite a while.

- At the same time you should also go to the chest, because if the Kulve Taroth gets enough damag, he eventually loses his gold armor, which is essential to get into the final phase of the fight.

- In the last part you have completely released Kulve Taroth from his gold shell. Without its gold, the dragon is faster, but also more vulnerable. Keep an eye out for the fire breathing, as it can cause you to faint if you get it head-on.

- If the monster stands on its hind legs, you should retreat, because shortly thereafter it is raining lava and you do not want to stand in the area. So let the ranged fighters do their work and approach again when the red rain stops.

It is important to understand that the weaknesses of the Kulve Taroth change depending on the condition of the Dragon Elder. So this monster is still very susceptible to thunder when it wears its golden coat. The monster is immune to thunder. The other way round is ice.

If you want to forge the Kulve Taroth Armor for you or your Palico, you need some of the Dragon Elders' Fragments. It is always worthwhile to turn around again and to add dropped parts of the monster to your inventory.

Do you still need new pets for your accommodation, you should also here have the catch net ready, because golden helmet crabs and other insects are limited to the Eldorado caves and thus rare to procure.

However, Gajalakas, you can not take home. Instead, you should keep them at a distance, so they don’t distract you too much.

If you want to build a few barrel bombs afterwards, it is worthwhile to look at the cannons, because here are some barrels that you can collect and continue to craft.

Here, the goal is not to kill the Elder Dragon, but simply cut off his horns and drive him away. After that, it's important to know how many of the optional goals you've achieved to get the most out of the quest.

After the escape sequence, you should fix the two horns and take out twice. Once done, you can search the battlefield for other broken pieces in the remaining seconds. If you did not attend the last part of the fight, you don’t have to start all over again. The progress is the entire assembly hall, so that each of the maximum of 16 players receives parts of the reward.

At the end of time, you will receive the usual rewards screen that you can take, but you will not get the right reward back in the venue. Return to the Site Girl, re-elect the Kulve Taroth Siege, and then go to the Reward tab. This reward is random! It is certain that you will receive some rare relic weapons. So it may be that you have to do the quest a few times before you get a weapon that will award you.