Unlock Dante, Devil Sword and Armor Monster Hunter World

A new event quest (Code Red) in Monster Hunter World is now live. Here you can get the famous Dante’s Armor Set and the Devil Sword. Dante is the central character of the Devil May Cry game. The Dante Quest will be available until the 10th of May.

To unlock Dante, you need to head to the events on the quest board and select the quest "Code: Red". Here you throw into the arena where you need to hunt four big monsters in a row.

These are the details of the Dante Quest

Name: Code: Red
Difficulty: 8 Star
Location: Arena
Your Target: Hit the following four monsters
- Anjanath (weakness: water)
- Odogaron (weakness: ice)
- Rathalos (weakness, dragon)
- Teostra (weakness: water)

- Conditions: Hunter Rank 14 or higher - How to Rise in Hunter Rank
- Failure conditions: time expired or passed out 3 times

Unlock Dante, Devil Sword, Armor Set, Monster Hunter World

The unique feature of this event armor is that this time there are several pieces of armor. The previous event armor of Aloy or Ryu were one piece and could not be mixed with other sets.

Below you will get an overview of the entire Dante armor and will then find the values and materials needed to make it. One of the materials is the "Red Orb", which you will receive in the quest itself. To get the complete set, you will have to repeat the quest a few times.

Along with Dante's armor, his devil sword also comes to Monster Hunter World. This is a Tier 8 Energy Blade and it has the Thunder element. There are 2 x Level 1 slots available. As a vial type, there are impact vials.