Bless: Increase FPS, Improve Gaming Performance

If you are experiencing poor performance and FPS drops while playing Bless Online video game, then this guide might help you.

Some players reported that the game currently uses only one core of the processor and greatly limits the use of the graphics card. The result is a low performance that can negatively affect your gaming experience.

With these changes to the configuration files, the game will allocate more power. That should bring you more FPS and less stuttering.

First, find your Bless folder on the PC. Usually you will find the .INI files in "steamapps \ common \ Bless Online \ Engine \ Config". If you have changed the installation directory, you have to look there for the files. Open the corresponding files with an editor or the Wordpad.

** Don’t forget to keep a backup copy of the files before the changes.

Editing the BaseEngine.ini

bStaticDecalsEnabled = False

bDynamicDecalsEnabled = False

bDisablePhysXHardwareSupport = False

MaxSmoothedFrameRate = 120

bShouldLogStatsData = False 
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MinTextureResidentMipCount = 7

PoolSize = X (X based on your GPU memory: 512, 1024,2048, 4096 etc) *

* Players note that more than 4096 seems to have no effect.

MemoryMargin = 256

ThreadedShaderCompileThreshold = 4 (based on the number of available CPU cores)

MotionBlur = False 

If you have accepted these changes, continue with the second .INI file.

Bless, Increase FPS, Improve Gaming Performance

Editing the BaseSystemSettings.ini

Distortion = False (multiple lines)

DynamicShadows = False (multiple lines)

LightEnvironmentShadows = False (multiple lines)

FogVolumes = False (multiple lines)

StaticDecals = False (multiple lines)

MotionBlur = False 

Note: You do not take the bracket with "multiple lines" into the ini file. It just means that the command is more common and you need to replace it more often. So search the whole document (CTRL + F) for example "Distortion = True" so you can replace it everywhere with "Distortion = False".

Graphic Improvements

To remove the limitations of FPS, Reddit users recommend zeetu to edit the BaseEngine.ini file. In it there is the command "bSmoothFrameRate", which you set to false. So "bSmoothFrameRate = FALSE".

For ultrawide resolutions, change "AspectRatioAxisConstraint = AspectRatio_MaintainXFOV" to "AspectRatioAxisConstraint = AspectRatio_MaintainYFOV"