Conan Exiles Alcohol Brewing, Ingredients and Benefits

In Conan Exiles, you can start brewing alcoholic drinks once you have reached level 28. In this level you can unlock the fluid press with which you make the basic ingredients for wine. From level 37 you can invest four knowledge points to unlock the Skill Brewing in the talent tree Primitive Cook.

With the brewing you can now make a fermentation barrel for which you need 4x shaped wood. With the beer keg and 7x iron reinforcement you build the fermentation barrel that you should place near your fluid press, so that the way is not so long.

Now you can brew. Because you probably lack an essential ingredient: fermentation. In fact, you can find this almost exclusively in the far north, in the areas where the snow still does not cover the areas. In this area you can roam the grasses and collect the fermentation and hops: Also, collect hops and herb seeds, because these can be planted later.

The recipes for the available drinks can be seen on the stove, fermentation barrel and fluid press. You need hops for your beer, which you also find in the north (leavening agents). However For the mead you need honey, which you can either get from beehives or make at an altar for Derketo. The exact recipes and their benefits look like this:

Berry Juice: 1x purified water, 1x aloe leaves, 5x highland berries or 5x desert berries
(Not only quenches thirst, but also saturates a bit.)

Conan Exiles, Alcohol Brewing, Ingredients, Benefits

Icetea: 1x herbal tea and 1x ice cream
(Restore stamina and health over time.)

Purified Water: 1x glass bottle filled with water
(No bonus, but you no longer runs the risk of drinking contaminated water.)

Spiced Tea: 1x herbal tea and 2x spices
(Regenerate endurance.)

Light Beer: 1x purified water, 10x hops and 5x leavening agent
(Can cure you of contaminated water and cool off.)

Highland Berry Pulp: 50x highland berries
(Quench your thirst.)

Highland Wine: 1x purified water, 5x highland pulp and 5x leavening agent
(Warm up.)

Cactus Wine: 1x purified water, 30x plant fiber and 5x leavening agent
(Cool off.)

Herbal Tea: 1x purified water, 1x aloe leaves, 5x plant fiber
(Restore stamina and health over time.)

Mead: 1x purified water, 2x plant fiber, 5x honey and 5x leavening agent
(Warm up.)

Wine: 1x purified water, 5x wild berry pulp, 5x highland pulp and 5x leavening agent
(Cool off.)

Desert Berry Pulp: 50x desert berries
(Quench your thirst.)

Desert Wine: 1x purified water, 5x wild berry pulp and 5x leavening agents
(Cool off.)


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