Conan Exiles Fast Travel and Obelisks Locations Guide

Conan Exiles has a huge map and it may take long time to reach your destination. Therefore, a fast travel would be a great choice. But for this you have to locate obelisks.

While searching for resources in the game, you've probably encountered strangely vibrant obelisks. If you reach to these not only does your corruption status increase, you can also sync your bracelet with them and you should do that if you want to use the fast travel. But to unlock these as travel points, you need something else: the map room.

Build Map Room Blueprint

To reach the obelisks, you need the map room in the base of your choice. On this you will then see the unlocked obelisks and you can select them as your destination. However, return from the obelisk to the map room is not possible and you have to walk. Below, we'll show you two tricks on how you can still use a fast travel.

You cannot just unlock the map room in your talent tree. For that you must visit the archivist in the nameless city. He will teach you the cartographer, with that you can build the map room again.

Remember that your corruption status will steadily increase as you find yourself in the nameless city. In addition, there are not only skeletons that make your life difficult, but also much stronger enemies. So don’t run into the city unprepared and at too low a level.

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The archives are located in the northeast of the contaminated city and you are well advised to move through the red sand fix and take down a few enemies. At the entrance to the archive, some skeletons welcome you, but once you enter the archives, they will not follow you inside. Inside, you not only have a sanctuary, but also a breathtaking view of the map room. Behind the replica of the map is the Archivist whom you should address. Don’t just ask him about his religion, the cartographer, but also talk to him to learn about the lost artifacts and bracelet.

You will receive from him the blueprint cartographer, which you will find among your talents in decorations. Remember, you cannot build the map room until you reach level 62. Besides, you need the these components: 200x corrupted stone, 25x iron reinforcement, 50x crystal and 75x alchemical ground substance

The Recipe for Corrupted Stone also unlocks it. You make this by the fire bowl and need 2x stone, 1x wound secretion and 1x demon blood for a Corrupted stone.

Find and Activate Obelisks

So far, there are ten obelisks that you can find in the various areas of Conan Exiles. If you have not stumbled upon one by chance, you'll definitely see the first at the gates of the archives in the nameless city. Below you will find the locations of all obelisks:

Conan Exiles, Fast Travel, Obelisks Locations Map

Just choose the obelisk you want to travel in your map room and save your footpath. If you reach the obelisks, you should get away from them as soon as possible, so you don’t get too much corruption.

Other Ways of Fast Travel

Other ways to get over the map quickly are limited. On the PC, you can at least make you the admin in the settings in your single player session:

- Go to the menu in game.
- Select the settings and click on the Server Options tab.
- At General you will find a box Make me Admin. Activate this.

Now you can go to the map by pressing Control and right mouse button to target at the place you want to travel to. Bear in mind that the choices are pretty crude and it can happen that you spawn on a mountain in the air and thus fall into your death.

After each restart you have to repeat the above steps, because the game does not remember your admin rights. Otherwise, but this is a solid way to travel at least in co-op or as a single player fix on the map.

The next trick goes beyond the specified spawn points. In Conan Exiles you can spawn in three places after your death: the starting point in the desert, a bedroll that you can place anywhere, and your bed. If you want to transport resources from one place to another and play easily, you can find the fixed death on a bedroll and have you spawn in your bed (where probably your boxes and supplies are). So you can switch back and forth between two places and it costs you only death!

Note that this course only works if you play easy. Otherwise your resources will be lost at your death and you will not carry them with you.