Download State of Decay 2, Installation Guide

State of Decay 2 (SoD 2) is a Zombie Survival game and takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where you must use the limited resources to protect yourself and your campaign missions.

Download and install the game for Xbox One: In the menu of your Xbox One, use RB to get to the Store tab and click Search

- Search for SoD 2 and click the game icon at the top of the screen

- To purchase the game, click Buy and make the payment

For The Game Pass Subscribers

- Game Pass subscribers can play the game for free. To do this, go to Apps and Games and select "Subscriptions". Click the Game Pass option

- Select SoD 2 from the list of free games and press A

- Now just click "Install" and wait for the title transfer to your Xbox One

Download SoD 2, State of Decay 2, Installation Guide

Download and Install State of Decay 2 - PC

- On your PC, go to the Microsoft Store and search for SoD 2

- Click on Buy to get the game to your account

- You will be taken to the payment screen, where you can enter an option. After that the game is ready to download