Farming Simulator 17: best mods / install old mods guide

In this guide to Farming Simulator 17 (FS 17), you can find out where you can download the mods and how to install them. In addition, we will show you how to convert your favorite mods from the FS 15 and thus make them available for FS17 as well.

FS 17 - Install Mods on the PC

In order to add FS 17 Mods into your PC, you don’t have to be a developer. There are three different file formats:

.exe - Start the installation by double-clicking the .exe file and follow the instructions of the installation process.
.rar - If you get a .rar file when downloading, it means that you first have to unzip the file before you can install the modification. As a rule, either an .exe file or a .zip file comes out.
.zip - Also a .zip file must probably be unpacked. This will give you a normal .exe file. But it is also possible that the respective mod itself is in the .zip file. If so, then you should unpack the modification directly in your FS-17 Mod directory, that is: Computer \ Documents \ My Games \ FarmingSimulator2017 \ mods

PC gamers have an alternative way, the ability to install the FS-17 mods via the main menu of the game where there are the sub-item "Mods".

FS-17 Mods for PS4 and Xbox One: Installation

Even the console players can benefit from the FS17 mods this year. The installation of the mods to your console - whether PS4 or Xbox One - presents no difficulty at all:

- Go to the main menu of the FS 17
- Navigate to the item "mods" - here you can find all those mods in a list that are available for the console.
- Choose the desired modification and the installation is done automatically.
- A restart of the FS 17 is necessary to activate the mod.

Convert FS-15 mods and use them in FS 17

If you have any favorite mod from the past farming simulator then it is possible to integrate them into the new FS 17.

However, the FS-15 mod must be converted and for that you can use the specially developed GIANTS Editor. This is an automatic converter. It adapts the mods of the FS 15 for the FS 17.

This does not work with all FS-15-Mods, but with many. Especially the standard modifications should be convertible. Unfortunately complicated mods are not present. These include, for example, those with very special shaders. This would only work if the appropriate scripts would be rewritten manually. Of course, you can do that.

Download the best FS-17 mods

In general, the FS-17 Mods are downloadable for free. Here you usually need only a few clicks to download the desired modification.

FS 17 - The best mods in the overview

Here we have some examples for you, which we find quite useful:

- ITRunner Pack : This mod gives you new followers. These include the following models: ITRunner 26.33 HD hooklift trailer, bale module, wood module, grain container, chopper carrier, trough, manure spreader and manure spreader.

- 4Real Module 01 - Fruit Destroyer: This mod is currently one of the most popular mods among FS-17 farmers. It makes more realistic if you drive across a field etc. with your tractor. In doing so you destroy the harvest with your tires. All vehicle tires then receive the module "Fruit Destruction". Except for this are care tires and especially narrow tires.

- Fendt combines Package: New Combine Harvester and cutting plants by the manufacturer "Fendt." In this mod you’ll get Fendt 6275 Fendt 9490X, Fendt FreeFlow 25FT and 35FT Fendt PowerFlow.

- New Holland Baler package: This mod brings you two new balers of "New Holland", the New Holland BigBaler 340 and the New Holland Roll-Belt 460.

Of course there are many more mods and there are more to come, because the FS 17 modder community is great.

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