Fallout 4 Automatron: robot mods / blueprints locations tips

Fallout 4: Automatron, we have summarized some tips on the locations and the search for the robot parts for you. You will find many Robot Mods and blueprints with which you can build several new mechanical companions.

One of the most essential tips for Fallout 4: Automatron is to search everything you find. Firstly, you need a lot of junk to build anything in Fallout 4: Automatron. Secondly, you need Robot Mods and blueprints to build robots.

Fallout 4: Automatron - find blueprints for Robot Mods

In Fallout 4: Automatron, blueprints allow you to create different robot parts. These plans can be found under the DLCs repeatedly scans through all opponents. The premise in the missions of the expansion is to provide you with blueprints. For example, clean the shelter of Mechanist and complete the quest, look in the space at the end you will find there two blueprints for robot parts.

Find Robot Mods

Robot Mods are finishing mods that give your friends special bonuses and extras. Notice these tips on finding robot mods in Fallout 4 Automatron:

- First complete all quests in Fallout 4: Automatron - to unlock all Robot Mods and then start to build your new companion. It does not take so much time and opens to you new building possibilities.
- After you have found the caravan and Ada help to scan all fallen robot, because there you will find plenty of robot mods.
- Once you have defeated the mechanist, search his body. There you will find a robot Mod of Protectrons.

General Tips for Fallout 4: Automatron

In addition to the blueprints and robot mods, there are also other exciting findings.

- As part of the Quest headhunting you come to Fort Hagen. There you will find a terminal where you can play a new Pip-Boy game. It resembles asteroid, instead it rains robot.

- Get dressed with the Silver Shroud Costume before you talk with the mechanist and let yourself be surprised by what happens.

- Speak to Ada on a regular basis, as she will provide you with news and especially rare items that will need to build your robot.

- Simply scan each robot you meet. In almost every single mechanical opponent you will find components or mods for construction. They also give you proper ammunition.

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