Fallout 4 Automatron: build the best robot tips

With the DLC Fallout 4: Automatron you can build the best robot and take it as a companion along on your travels through the wasteland. The design possibilities of robots in Fallout 4 Automatron are to not underestimate. So you can determine, for example, what weapon to place on the left and the right arms. Find in our guide below what options you still have to build the robot.

If you wonder why you should build the best robot in Fallout 4: Automatron, then the answer is simple: Do you have collected enough disassemble scrap and particularly adhesive and screws, then you will be able to build a robot army. The limitation is that you can take only one of the robots as companion on missions. However, your other robots can stay in the settlement and provide protection.

Fallout 4: Automatron - Unlock robotic workbench

The first step to your robotic army in Fallout 4: Automatron is unlocking the robotic workbench. If you want to build a robot then the simple workbench will not be enough. Have you started, the first quest appears on your Pip-Boy. This is Mechanical threat. Listen to the radio signal and go to the marked location. Once you have survived the battle, you have to talk to the robot Ada. She tells you her story and asks you to help her in this endeavor. Once you have completed this, you will be able to unlock the robotic workbench. To have this build in your settlement, you need the following components:

6 x Gear
4 x Oil
4 x Screw
4 x Plastic
12 x Aluminum
6 x Fiber
3 x Circuits
4 x Nuclear Material

Build the best robots and robotic Mods

Once you have unlocked the robotic workbench, then you can build the robot. At the beginning you have two options. First, you can also change Ada and improve or you can build a completely new Automatron, the robot. The advantage is that Ada can be upgraded replacing only the robot-Mods. Do you want to build a completely new Automatron, then you will need many components for the framework. The following scrap need to build a new robot:

6 x Rubber
6 x Circuits
9 x Ceramics
11 x Aluminum
8 x Adhesive

After you have built the framework for your best robot, you can now improve the individual body parts with robotic mods. The following table shows you an example of how you could build your best robots in Fallout 4: Automatron - can build their own, because the Automatron must be adapted to your way of playing. Here is a suggestion:

Robot Mods
HeadHead Laser Ads Head laser attack.
Short combat range.
Inadequate precision.
Scrap: 2x aluminum, 3x rubber, ceramic 1x, 1x adhesive, 1x Crystal
Perks: Science Rank 2, robotics expert Rank 1
Torso Mr. Handy: Torso Superior motion speed. Scrap: 3x rubber, ceramic 2x, 1x adhesive, 1x steel
Perks: Science Rank 1
Left armLeft Hand: Axe Increase melee damage Scrap: 2x glue, 2x screw, 2x steel
Perks: Blacksmith Rank 1
Right arm Right hand: Sniper Laser Superior damage and superior range.
Decrease rate of fire.
Scrap: 2x spring, 10x optical fiber, optical fiber 16x optical, 4x Gold, 5x glue
Perks: Science Rank 2
LegsMean retention factory Armor Increase damage and energy resistance.
Increase carrying capacity.
Scrap: 3x rubber, ceramic 2x, 2x adhesive, 4x steel, 3x Fabric
Perks: Quartermaster Rank 1

Although adding an additional laser attack, head laser, decrease precision and short range. This you can adjust something with the torso of Mr. Handy, because this ensures superior speed, the zoom brings you quickly to the enemy and thus compensate for the penalty to reach. The torso you can even provided with Robot Mods and can thus, for example, increase the damage and energy resistance or improve carrying capacity. Since this robot is equipped for close combat, it makes sense to equip one of the hands with a good melee weapon.

The other hand should equip with the medium to long distances, so that it can also support you from a distance in battle. For your robot army you will need a lot of scrap components, which is why it is good to increase the carrying load of Automatron. By Robot Mod Mean retention factory armor, it not only increases the damage resistance, but also the carrying capacity. The color and the voice of Automatron are natural cosmetic extras and do not affect the action.

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