Stardew Valley: mines guide - how do you manage all levels

Stardew Valley, the farming simulator offers you dozens of ways to pass the time. In the mine you will not only find precious rocks and treasures that bring you money, but also you have to fight against creepy enemies and you have to dig through 120 floors to achieve the highest level in mining. This guide shows you all the tips and tricks to help you to complete the mine in Stardew Vally successfully.

In Stardew Valley, you should not rely solely on the cultivation of crops, when it comes to earn money as quickly as possible. You can also earn money in the fishing or collecting precious gems and metals the degradation in the mine and sell them or give them away.

The mines are unlocked on the 5th day in the spring. You will receive a letter and then know that it's time. The mine is located, according to the map in the northeast of the valley. The entrance is left of the shop of the Adventure Guild.

In the mine, you start with your pickaxe, because you will find tons of stones. At the entrance you will get your first weapon: A sword that will need you to fight against the monsters and insects that can be found in the depths of the mine. Shop the Adventure Guild you can later get even better weapons.

The mine has 120 floors. So you have to dig deeper. To continue to get down you need a ladder. This appears when a certain number of stones process with a pickaxe or you kill many enemies. It may also happen in the deeper that a floor is literally overrun with monsters, then you have to kill them all and until then the ladder does not appear. But you also have the possibility to craft a ladder.

If you reach the elevator then it will get you to the 5th floor. Then you can go another 5 more levels at a time (one day). This goes on until the floor 120. Of course, the elevator offers you the opportunity to reach the levels much faster. However, you must unlock them step by step.

From Level 2 in the skill Mining you also have the possibility to use stairs. So you can skip floors. To crafting the stairs, you need 99 stones.

By the way: If you conclude the quest in Community Center, then a "quick trip" unlocked. From the boiler room of the Community Center you can go with Lore to the mine, to the blacksmith or to the bus station and back.

Tips to survive in the mine

No question, the work in the mine is quite a challenge and cost you a tremendous amount of time and endurance. Therefore, we have for you a few useful tips for mine:

- Always go in the mine with full health.

- Take always something to eat or drink with the mine or craft you an elixir of life, so that you do not collapse in the mine. Here you would not only lose items, but also a lot of money and you forget already acquired level of knowledge for mining. Then you wake up before the mine again or even hospitalized. The doctor costs you 50 gold.

- Always pay attention to the time. In the dark mine it can happen again, that you forget the time, but you work together until 2am - this is bad, because you lose a lot here.

- Utilize especially rainy days to work in the mine, then you don’t have to watering your plants, thereby saving time and energy.

- First kill all the enemies on the floor, in order to reach a ladder. Once you have done all, then go to the stones. The chopping of stones usually costs more lives than combating with the monsters. When it starts to flicker or to be foggy, then you will be attacked by enemies.

- Analyze floor - the precious rocks to break them down. You will know because they are riddled different from the normal stones decorated with colorful crystals.

- Craft a staircase with 99 stones, so that you can skip a floor.

- Use stones as cover from enemies and kill flying opponents only because they can fall quickly and cause your life.

- Buy some new and better weapons in the Adventures Guild, as well as boots and rings, increase your abilities. You can also sell back your old equipment here. In your sales box to the farm you will get for no money.

- Craft a ladder and bring it with you in the mine, so you can skip a bunk.

- If you find Druze (Geodes), then take them to the blacksmith. Sometimes you will find really great items stuck in them.

- Craft one or even two furnaces and melt an ores, then they increase in value, and later help you when you want to enlarge your abode.

- Complete the Quest in Community Center as soon as possible to unlock the lore, with that you can travel faster.

Mining Level

The skill "Mining" brings 10 Level with it. In addition, you get one point per level for your efficiency pickaxes tool. With each level you get a new skill or a new crafting recipe or a new title:

Level 1 - Crafting Recipe "Cherry Bomb"
Level 2 - Crafting Recipe "Staircase"
Level 3 - Crafting Recipe "Miner's Treat"
Level 4 - Crafting Recipe "Transmute (Fe)"
Level 5 - Miner → +1 ore per core and Geologist → chance that gems appear in pairs
Level 6 - Crafting Recipe "Bomb"
Level 7 - Crafting Recipe "Transmute (Au)"
Level 8 - Crafting Recipe "MegaBomb"
Level 9 - Crafting Recipe "Crystalarium"
Level 10 - Miner: Blacksmith → metal bars now go up in value by 25% and Prospector → coal appears in pairs // Geologist: Excavator (excavators / diggers) → Druze / Geodes appear in pairs and Gemologist (Gem Expert) → The value of Jewels / Gems increases by 30%

All 10 floors you can find a treasure chest in which valuable items can be found, for example, weapons or boots. When you reach the top floor 120, then you get the Skull Key, which you will have access to the dungeon in the desert, and thus also to a new major challenge

In the mine you will find precious stones and metals

In the mine you will encounter many things that you can collect and later will be useful or bring money and friendship heart during Offer. This is to minerals such as quartz, artefacts, ores, clay, coal, cave carrots and so on. So you should always have your pickaxe in your backpack. The deeper you progress in the mine, the more and better valuables / Ores you can find inside. Here you expect these jewels:

Amethyst - purple quartz
Copper Ore
Gold Ore
Iridium Ore
Iron Ore

You will not find the diamonds until the 50th floor, which appear with a chance of 1 to 500 stones. Each one of the above-enumerated gems or precious metals you will need to donate to the museum to complete your collection, because then you will receive an achievement. But you can also give the jewels to make you friendship heart to NPCs.

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