In this Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery troubleshooting guide, we wanted to help you with some fixes to all of the game's currently known errors such as crashes, lags, not starting and server issues.

- The game crashes: Sometimes you may experience HPHM crashes, this is mostly due to insufficient phone memory. To resolve this, you need to close apps that you don’t currently use and then restart the game again.

- Never-ending loading screen: Sometimes it happens that the HPHM hangs. Here you have to force a restart by closing the app's window and then restart the game.

- Connection error message: To run the HPHM smoothly on your mobile device you need a constant internet connection. So you may encounter this message, if your Internet breaks off or you have disabled this.

- Gems don’t play / appear as a reward: After learning new spells or potions, you should actually get +5 gems, but your account will not fill up. So click on the plus next to the gems on the top right. It opens the Buy window. After you close it, the gems / your rewards should appear.

- The game freezes: It can happen that you cannot click on anything anymore. Again, either a reboot or - in a few cases - it is enough, if you disable the phone screen briefly and then turn it on again.

- Facebook Login Loop : You open the app, are asked to sign in to Facebook, do so and return to the app just to be asked to sign up on Facebook. Uninstalling can help here before you download the app again.

- Lessons finish before you get all the stars: The time has not yet passed, but the Rictusempra lesson ends before you have collected all the stars. This seems to be a bug that will surely be fixed with the next update.

Fix Crashes, Not Start Errors, Harry Potter, Hogwarts Mystery

If you have an issue that is not listed here or is constantly occurring, then you can contact the official support at

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  1. To me it never gave problems until end of year 1. Now as soon as Dumbledore says I won the house cup the game crashes. I tried hundreds of times but no way. What should I do?


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