Bless Online Unlock All Steam Achievements Guide

In Bless Online, there are 45 Steam achievements to be unlocked. To unlock one of these achievements you have to fulfill the respective condition.

In this guide you will find all PC achievements and their unlock conditions.

You Don’t Scare Me! - Eliminated the Field Boss once
Woah. This Place is Huge! - Entered a big city
What’s a Ranger? - Won a duel against a Ranger class character
What’s a Paladin? - Won a duel against a Paladin class character
What’s a Mage? - Won a duel against a Mage class character
What’s a Guardian? - Won a duel against a Guardian class character
What’s a Berserker? - Won a duel against a Berserker class character
What Was I Thinking? - Dismantled legendary level equipment
Watch Your Back - Entered disputed territory
To the Battlefield! - Participated in the Siege of Castra once
There’s a Hole in my Armor - One piece of your equipment’s durability was at the red level
Supreme Contender - Dueled 3 times
Street Fighter - Killed someone ranked higher than a Commissioned Officer 100 times from the opposing faction (Regardless of area/content)
Nice Armor Upgrade! - Reached +3 equipment enhancement level
New Family - Joined a guild

Bless Online, Unlock Steam Achievements, Guide
Materials Galore - Acquired 20 items from the Gathering Dungeon
Master Gatherer - Reached professional level in gathering
Master Crafter - Reached professional level in crafting
Mad Smith - Dismantled equipment 10 times
Like A Boss! - Cleared a dungeon(Urutus Mine) with all your equipment’s durability level at orange
Level 45 - Reached level 45
Keep Up the Upgrading! - Reached +10 equipment enhancement level
JACKPOT! - Acquired 100 hero level items from the Gathering Dungeon (cumulative)

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It’s My Lucky Day - Entered the Gathering dungeon once
It Sucks Being Alone - Added a friend
If You Got It, You Better Use It - Used Activity points at the store (Combat Points/Dungeon Points)
I’m Here to Learn - Visited the Arena once
Hunting Veteran - Completed the 3rd stage of Enemies and Monsters (150 species regardless of type)
Hunting High and Low - Completed the 3rd stage of Enemies and Monsters (10 species regardless of type)
Hunting 101 - Completed the 2nd stage of Enemies and Monsters (1 species regardless of type)
Hero of the Battlefield - Achieved a set amount of points in the Siege of Castra
Good Boy! - Acquire 10 mounts/pets through taming
Good Battles Come in Threes - Eliminated the opposing faction 3 times (Regardless of faction/content)
Gathering Fortunes - Reached master level in gathering
Frugality is Great - Using repair tools recovered 1000 durability points (cumulative)
First Time Buyer - Used the market once
First of Many Wins - First time acquiring Activity points (Combat Points/Dungeon Point)
Experienced Tamer - Acquire rare level mount/pet through leveling up
Crazy for Crafting - Reached master level in crafting
Commander of the Battlefield - Faction was 1st place in the Siege of Castra
Clank Clank - Repaired equipment durability using repair tools
Armed to the Teeth - Reached max equipment enhancement level
And Then There Were None - 9 kills in once match
Amateur Gatherer - First time gathering
Amateur Crafter - First time crafting