Conan Exiles: Defeat Volcano Boss and Get Trapezohedron

In Conan Exiles, Trapezohedron is one of the six artifacts that you’ll need to collect to complete the game. To get this shiny trapezohedron you have to go inside the volcano and defeat the Lizardmen boss.

Before you go inside the heat of the volcano, you need to equip properly to keep you from heat stroke. For this, you must first get the recipe for the armor of the silent legion. This is the only set that can handle the heat.

Only then you should go inside the volcano and look for the shining trapezohedron. You can reach the roundabout via an access from the north or if you take the longer way over the buildings in the eastern part of the volcano.

If you come from the pilgrim's path, you can also farm a lot of obsidian, which lends itself to being able to forge obsidian weapons only in the volcano forge at the source. However, the tools you can also craft at the local forge.

Defeat Volcano Boss and Get Trapezohedron

So that you don’t lose sight of the approximate direction to the source, you can follow the blue ray of light that rises from the center of the building. The way to the dungeon is a bit trickier, because you have to cross lava-rivers! Since even the best armor cannot tolerate molten rock, you'll have to jump on moving rocks to prove your skill and patience.

In order to enter the dungeon, you must now have some confidence and jump into the blue beam. Only then the loading screen appear and you enter the source of Skelos. Inside the spring you will find the volcanic forge in the lower area. When entering, you have to be careful, because if you don’t walk carefully on the bars, you can also burn the forge's lava!

Conan Exiles, Defeat Volcano Boss, Get Trapezohedron

Instead, turn left in front of the forge and follow the path until you reach a building. Here you turn right and walk on, because on the horizon you will soon see king fortress. Only take care of the lizardmen if you have to, so that you lose as little health as possible.

On the way to the boss you have to make a few jumps over lava. In fact, you can also get rid of annoying enemies, because they will blindly track you and burn you miserable in the lava. If you reach two big goals, you have to pass both of them and then, after the second goal, walk down the path to the right. In the end, you see two lizardmen statues with violet flames in their hands. These mark the entrance to the throne room.

Like the Witch-Queen, the lizardmen king sends his henchmen before he comes to you. So don’t try to break the shimmering wall of magic and instead go to the ghosts. These opponents are not very strong, but if you are alone, they can still harm you. Be fast and always on the move.

The Boss fight itself is quite unspectacular because the Lizardmen King has neither great attacks you should be aware of, nor is he particularly enduring. Going with targeted strong attacks on him, then he should be obsolete after a few minutes.

If you take it apart now no matter which tool the shiny Trapezohedron will come into your possession and you will be one step closer to the end of the game. Some players also report receiving the Trapezohedron as they dissect the other, slightly larger lizards with the skinning knife. You can find one of them at the forge.

The shiny trapezoid is also a reference to the shining Trapezohedron a story by HP Lovecraft.