Farm Souls and Rare Super Souls: Dragon Ball Legends

In Dragon Ball Legends, farming rare super souls is a bit difficult that common souls and besides very low drop chances of only about 5% .

With a little, hidden trick you can boost the process a bit. Go to the menu and select characters. Here you type in Soul Boost and decide on any fighter. Once you have you leveled it far enough, you see gray fields labeled “class ascension.” Click on it and select the right gray box here.

You will now get an overview of the souls that you need for an upgrade. To the right of the methods you can tap on the black arrow in the orange circle and you will be directly taken to the quest where you can farm that particular soul.

The rewards already show you the opportunities for the preservation of souls and super-souls. Items listed on the far left are less rare. To the right it is so rare and there you will usually find the super souls. Below you’ll find more tips for the farming of souls:

Farm Souls, Rare Super Souls, Dragon Ball Legends

- Buy the free pass output robot in the shop for $ 4.49 if you're ready to spend real money. This will give you 10 free passes for 30 days. These free passes can be used on quests that reward you souls.

- Choose the menu in the shop and look into the exchange. Here you can exchange medals and rarer medals for souls and super souls. The exchange process for rare souls is limited, so you have to farm one way or the other.

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