Increase Visitors Satisfaction in Jurassic World Evolution

Satisfaction of your guests is very important aspect in Jurassic World Evolution. This will ensure money flows into your cash register. Besides, you’ll get better rating for your facility from satisfied guests.

The factors determine the satisfaction of the visitors

Your guests have certain needs that you have to fulfill. Which of them are and how well you have satisfied them, you see in the menu of your island. You can open it on the PS4 with the square and on the Xbox One with X. Here you can go straight to the island rating and then you go to asset valuation.

- Dinosaur Visibility: Dinosaur visibility is an important factor for visitors. After all, they travel to Jurassic World because they want to see dinosaurs. Visitors will be satisfied if you can guarantee high dinosaur visibility. So build observation galleries, observation towers and also the railroad. If you click on an observation station, you will see the angle at which visitors can observe the creatures from it. If the entire facility is lit up, then you should achieve a very high dinosaur visibility.

Increase Guest Satisfaction, Jurassic World Evolution

- Food, drinks, fun and shopping: Yes, visitors are not satisfied if they only see dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are nothing special anymore and so you have to worry as park operators for extra fun. For the visitors to be happy, you need more attractions. Build souvenir shops, restaurants, clothes shops, bowling alleys and whatever you could unlock by research. Distribute it neatly on the island, so that dullness never arises.

- Transport Rating: The railroad is a fantastic means of transport that you should definitely build in your park. Make sure that you also install enough stations. You don’t get this value so fast to 100%, because you unlock the gyrosphere quite late in the game. Fortunately, guest satisfaction is so many factors that it doesn’t matter if you're behind here.

If you pay attention to these aspects, more and more visitors will visit your facility. Of course, the amount of dinosaurs and their variety are important to get additional guests. But to guarantee proper visitor satisfaction you should not forget the additional attractions.