Prey Mooncrash Unlock Characters, Collectibles, Neuromods

Mooncrash is the latest DLC to Prey where your goal is to escape from the moon.

The escape is not that difficult, if you don’t want to find and unlock everything in the game. There are several ways to escape from the moon and you can unlock new characters. In this guide, we'll show you all escape possibilities, how to unlock all five characters, find collectibles and fill your neuromods.

To unlock other characters, you must complete certain requirements. In the option menu you can view the progress of each character, buy and assign weapons and equipment. Anything you unlock or find in a simulation will stay in any simulation, meaning you are looting a corpse or opening a door, this will be taken over in the next simulation.

Unlock Characters:

1) Andrius Alekna: Unlocked from the beginning, 2) Riley Yu – You need to find the Psychoscope in the Phytea lab, 3) Bhatia - Find the body of security officer Bhatia, 4) Claire Witten - You have to complete the campaign task of Bhatia, and 5) Joan Winslow - Escape the volunteer.
Simulation Points:

With each simulation you get some simulation points, by killing opponents, finding corpse or other things. With these points you can buy items in the menu and equip yourself before the simulation begins.

Andrius Alekna: Unlock Joan Winslow

You started in a locked room where you will get your first weapon, the pipe wrench, and a key card on the Terri Brown’s corpse, with that you can unlock the door.

Prey Mooncrash, Escape from Transtar

In the next room you’ll encounter two mimic opponents, it doesn’t matter if you die here, in any case you will get some points and you can buy a weapon if necessary before the next simulation. Later, if you have unlocked several other characters, you can continue the simulation, if you die you will continue playing with another character.

When you reach the open area, you’ll be on the moon base Pytheas. Scan surrounding area to find the first fabrication blueprint. It is on Ballard’s corpse. Your task leads you to a Typhon Gate, which is locked because Typhons are nearby. Press the button and the Typhons will be found with a white icon, as soon as they are dead you can go through the gate.

This guide is still a work-in-progress and will be updated with more information soon.