Vampyr Mesmerize Skill Guide

Mesmerize skill is very important to suck blood and get new powers in Vampyr. This automatically climbs as you progress through the game. Here, we’ll show you how the Mesmerize Skill works in Vampyr.

You can see your current Mesmerize level in the menu. The third tab shows you Jonathan's status, his level, equipped weapons and the Mesmerize level on the top right.

You can also see your Mesmerize level when you try to mesmerize a citizen. In conversation, you press L2 or LT and see the top left then your Mesmerize. This must be equal to or higher than that of the victim, otherwise you cannot mesmerize them.

As mentioned earlier, the Mesmerize level will automatically increase throughout the story. Below we list the points that will unlock a new level.

- Mesmerize Level 1: Becoming a vampire in Chapter 1: Quarantine.
- Mesmerize Level 2: Decide on Dorothy Crane's fate in Chapter 2: White Coat
- Mesmerize Level 3: Decide on Sean Hampton's Fate in Chapter 3: Family History.
- Mesmerize Level 4: Join the Ascalon Club in Chapter 4: In Rising Fever.
- Mesmerize Level 5: Decide on Aloysius Dawson's Fate in Chapter 5: A Second Opinion.
- Mesmerize Level 6: You cannot mesmerize the pillars and key people of a district at the same time. This level is unreachable for you.

You will unlock Level 5 only very late. However, from this point on you can also mesmerize and vacuum all citizens, except the pillars of the districts.

Vampyr, Mesmerize Skill Guide

Mesmerize Citizens and Suck Blood

How to mesmerize citizens and then kill them will be shown in the tutorial. Press L2 and then L1 or LT and LB to mesmerize a victim in conversation. This works only if your mesmerize level is high enough. Follow the blood-red trail to an isolated, dark place where you decide whether to suck or release the victim.

If you want to kill people for more XP, you should always heal them with medicine first. This increases the quality of their blood and thus the experience gained.