Vampyr Strategy Guide and Tips for Getting Started

In this guide to Vampyr, we’ll give you some useful tips on how best to deal with the citizens and potential blood sacrifices, how to fight effectively in combat and why you should necessarily heal your fellow human beings.

You have exactly two options for dealing with the citizens: Either you suck them out, they die, but you get more XP for that. On the other hand, you can keep it alive and make the game a bit more difficult because you can not level that fast. We can not take this decision from you, but we can explain everything to the citizens, what you need to know and give you some tips.

Citizens / General Tips

You have two choices for dealing with the citizens: Either you suck their blood, they die, but you get more XP for that or you can keep them alive and make the game a bit more difficult because you cannot level up that fast. The decision is up to you. Here, we’ll give you some useful tips to help you along the way.

- It is important to note that if you suck blood from the citizens they’ll die immediately. The game is tempting you to do so early by telling you that you have the opportunity to suck Clay Cox. At this point, you have to make the decision. Remember that the trophies depend on that. Here you have to make the hard decision yourself.

- The conversations with the citizens are important because then you can unlock hints that allow you more conversations. Yes, we also spent two hours just chatting, but that has advantages. In this way the quality of the blood increases and so you get more XP if you choose to suck blood.

- If you don’t want to kill a single citizen, then the conversations are still useful. Some provide you with side missions and so you can get the XPs that you don’t want to suck the citizens out in this way - but don’t expect the same amount.

Vampyr, Strategy Guide, Tips
- Make sure not every answer you can give is correct. Be attentive to your counterpart and choose the appropriate answer wisely. The clue you follow might fail and more answers will be denied you.

- Investigations unlock when you speak with citizens. If you help the inhabitants of the districts, then you will be rewarded with items, a few XP and possibly with new hints. For this reason alone it is worth concluding the investigations. However, at the beginning of vampires you should focus on the main story, because you quickly get to opponents you cannot stand. Start with the investigation only when you reach level 8 or even better level 10.

- One of the most important tips to the citizens is that you should never suck them out if you have not yet unlocked their clues. Make sure you help them feel good, do investigations, and make sure they are healthy. Thus, the quality of the blood and thus the gain in EP at a bite increases.

- Finally, you should keep in mind that killing the citizens has an impact on the state of their respective districts. Logically, this deteriorates. If you wonder what happens when a district has reached its worst state ... Not much: it falls, the inhabitants die, many enemies spawn and the investigations there expire.

If you decide to let the citizens live, it is not that much harder (we think). Just be careful to invest your XP wisely, and so you can also become powerful.

Vampyr, Getting Started Guide

Tips for Fighting and the Trappings

Another important factor in vampires is the fight. Actually, there are not many tips that we can give you. Practice it from the beginning and use it all the time, and you will quickly learn that the fights can take a long time, but are feasible. We also want to give you the following tips:

- Before you just go into battle like this, you should watch that you sneak up on the enemy. On consoles it is quite simple, because you only need to run slowly with the stick. On the PC you can press Ctrl. If you sneak up on the adversary, you can shock him and drink a big sip of blood before going into battle.

- There are abilities that will give you extra blood damage in addition to various types of damage. Take a close look at the descriptions and take a look at our guide, where we make recommendations for skills.

- Never consume your entire stamina on attacks. If the bar is empty and you cannot dodge, you will have to take an attack. Keep an eye on your stamina in the fight and stop attacking while there is enough of it. You can and should improve your stamina. The option can be found in the skills under "Body".

- By using weapons you lose stamina. With every attack, the bar is declined. This is where the crafting system comes into play. As you upgrade your weapons, you not only increase damage but also reduce stamina consumption. Do not neglect this option.

- If you die in battle, you will be born again. You spawn at the point before the fight, but keep all your earned XP and collected items. You see, you have nothing to lose (except your precious lifetime) and you can try it out.

More General Tips

There is a lot of junk on the streets of London and you need it for crafting. Of course, you should collect everything that shines! Remember, however, that the boxes, garbage cans etc. are filled after some time. Look around again and again, even if you have already collected the materials in the places.

Don't answer blindly to end the conversation, but think carefully.

The enemies of Vampyr spawn again (bosses and unique adversaries excluded). It may be that the XP yield after fighting is not that important anymore, but the items that drop these enemies, you also need to Craften, etc. That alone is a reason, every now and then the boring and recurring to make adversaries.

Some of the decisions you make or the consequences of your actions will only come in when you have slept one night (or more). Changes in districts, in the citizens or simply in the small plant in your room often occur after a certain time. Regular EP distribution and sleeping is therefore mandatory.

Locked chests can be opened with a key. The problem: In most cases, the keys are owned by people who have to kill them in order to get them. Sometimes you get keys to chests when you talk to people extensively. That is very rare.

These tips should help you get started with vampires. If you find that essential information is missing, please leave it to us and our readers in the comments section.