Artifact Crates and Ancient Keys Locations: No Man's Sky

The Next update for No Man's Sky brings ancient keys into play. These keys are hidden in the ruins and with them you can open artifact boxes. In this guide, we’ll show you what awaits you in these chests and where you can find all the ancient keys.

Since the ruins are relatively small, you have to keep your eyes open to find them. Once you have equipped your analysis visor - you start again, after you build the portable refiner - you can scan the terrain of that particular planet and look for artifacts and ancient keys. Some of them are buried, so you also need your terrain manipulator.

Search the ruins to find artifact crates. These are small boxes that you can open without much effort and find the necessary ancient keys in it. In addition, there is a large artifact box somewhere in the ruins, whose locks are broken. So you need three ancient keys to open the chest. It contains very rare loot, which you can sell for a lot of units. The chests are either directly in the ruins or in the ground very close. In any case, they are never far from the ruins. With your scanner, you can track them down.

No Man's Sky, Artifact Crates, Ancient Keys Locations

Besides, there are often rare resources or items near the ruins. It's tempting to plug them in as well, but be careful, as they will often alarm a few opponents and your search level shoots up.

Sometimes it can happen that there are more than three ancient keys to a ruin. You can either keep them or wait for the next ruin - but there are also at least three keys hide, that would not be necessary. Instead, you can sell the keys for 1,000 units. But always make sure that you visit and open the artifact boxes, because their content is much more valuable.