Diamond Diaries Saga Getting Started and Strategy Guide

Diamond Diaries Saga is a puzzle game and a little different than what you're used to in other games. On some levels in the game you have to play several times and your 5 hearts will drop to 0 faster as you level up. With our getting started guide and tips you can avoid this and level up faster in the game.

- You should always keep an eye on your task first. If you have to open dolls or collect keys? Then take care of it first. Then you can take care of the 3-star rating or other aspects.

- First destroy stones under the diamond so that it sinks. Combinations over the pieces of jewelry will not get you anywhere.

- Remember that the diamond only touches the chain and does not fall under it.

- If you have made a link that you don’t want to do, just wipe your finger as far away from the combination as possible. After that the link does not light anymore.

- The birds are a great help to every player. If there are no stoppers on the field, use boosters or keys to help you.

- Try to combine as many boosters as the ray or the cross ray to start a larger explosion. This will give you more points.

- Pay attention to where you let go of the last stone. If you have at least 6 charms linked, a booster will come out. At the point where you let go of the chain, then also the "jet" booster links. So you have to think about where you want to place the booster.

- Allow yourself enough time with your trains. If the stones fall, it will take a while until they find their final position.

- If there are no more links, the game is not over, but mixes the charms again until there are combinations again.

Horizontal Ray - Join at least 6 charms. This booster explodes in a horizontal line.

Vertical Ray - Join at least 6 charms. This booster explodes in a vertical line.

Cross Ray - Join at least 9 charms. This booster explodes in 4 directions.

Star Ray - Join at least 12 charms. This booster explodes in all directions - horizontal, vertical or even diagonal.

Remember that you can activate such a booster of every stone in the compound. Whether you create a horizontal or vertical ray will be shown to you if you combine at least 6 stones.