From the Ashes Get Cheap Grain, Livestock, Stone and Coal

In this guide to the latest DLC From the Ashes for Kingdom Come Deliverance (KCD), we’ll show you how to get the cheapest resources such as livestock, coal, stone and grain and where to find the appropriate commodity merchants.

Before you start dealing with traders, you should have some groschen with you, so that you can complete deals quickly. Now you have to visit well known coal and livestock traders and farmers, with whom you can start contact.

To get these resources into the city, you have to build a business in Pribyslawitz first. Then only the local employee care that the resources are carted into the city. But completing deals is in the hands of Heinrich. In order to build the business again, you must first spend 4,000 groschen and build the bridge and road. Stocks are important, because only when you have secured their occurrence, you can really build all the buildings in Pribyslawitz and successfully master the reconstruction.

For some of the raw materials you can visit several traders and craftsmen, but the prices are sometimes varies and since the money in Prybislawitz is tight and you have to look at each trader initially, you should make your decision wisely. We have decided on the following dealings:

- Coal: Theoretically, you can run into any of the four charcoal burner camps that are displayed, but it will be the cheapest for you, if you visit the friendly charcoal burner from Neuhof. He is happy to supply you with 180 groschen.

- Livestock: The cattle in Ledetchko is definitely the cheapest with 30 groschen, but the butcher is also honest and tells you that they are not the fittest animals. In Sasau you would get better livestock for 50 groschen.

Henry, KCD, From the Ashes

- Grain: Again, it is worth a price comparison, because while the trader in Uzhitz ask you 160 groschen but the baillif in Samopesh has a better offer with 80 groschen.

- Stone: With the stone you have little choice and have to make the deal in the quarry of Talmberg for about 2,000 groschen. However, that is also the most expensive resource of all.

If you have taken care of the four resources, you can start rebuilding Pribyslawitz and build other buildings as well.


  1. The grain in my is not working I talk to the guy and I can't say nothing to one of them and the other one not sure about

  2. Guess livestock is out to it does not come up so with out grain or livestock I'm stuck guess I can save up and finish the church already have done the basic repair.


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