Get All Space Suit Upgrades in Far Cry 5 Lost on Mars

Lost on Mars, the most recent expansion for Far Cry 5 added new upgrade to astronaut outfit and there nine upgrades to it. In this guide, we'll show you how to get these upgrades.

The first upgrade to your space suit will receive automatically in the opening sequences of the story. If you are looking for other items, such as Larry's notes, then you must actively complete other tasks. The upgrades are a nice addition to the powerful weapons and give Nick a bit more hope.

Space Wing - In the robot repair center you have to repair a terminal at the beginning. As a reward, you’ll get the blueprint for the jet-pack beckons.

Space Wing, Far Cry 5, Lost on Mars

The Reinforcer - At the Dunes Antenna you come across the 10th blueprint which unlocks the upgrade.

The Reinforcer, Far Cry 5, Lost on Mars

Pro shooter Upgrade Of Doom - If you want to improve your speed on the weapon, you must have ten Arachnid queens on your conscience.

Far Cry 5, Lost on Mars, Pro shooter Upgrade Of Doom

Consumption regulator - In the Dunes Mines you will find the 11th blueprint. Upgrade is yours on the 3D printer and with some money.

Far Cry 5, Lost on Mars, Consumption regulator

Sac O' Giblets - To get more spider hearts and crab juice with you, you need to find access to the Heoleum Research Center.

 Far Cry 5, Lost on Mars, Sac O' Giblets

Space Bandage Two - In the observatory of the solar system, you will not only find the power glove, but also the 3rd blueprint, so you can carry around more first aid kits soon.

Far Cry 5, Lost on Mars, Space Bandage Two

Swiss Army Knife - If you want more grenades and toys with you, you have to go into the Pits of peril tower, because here is the 6th blueprint.

Far Cry 5, Lost on Mars, Swiss Army Knife

You do not necessarily have to equip the upgrades. After all, they also cost a bit.