Improve PC Performance, Fix FPS Drops: Monster Hunter World

Running the Monster Hunter World (MHW) at max settings requires you to have a better gaming CPU. However, there are few tips and tweaks will help you to improve performance and get 1440p.

Steps to get the high resolution: Change Settings to 1440p 16: 9

- First, run the game once, so you can adjust the settings
- Then, right click Monster Hunter World in the games library on Steam
- Select the lowest point Properties
- Click on Local Files and then Browse Local Files.
- This opens a folder. Click here on graphic-options
- In the editor you will find a point "Resolution = 1920 × 1080". Change that to 2560 × 1440

Now you can find 2560 × 1440 as an option in the graphics settings and you have to select them there.

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For a better performance: lock frame at 60 FPS

It is possible to play MHW without an FPS limit. However, the performance suffers considerably. You can set the refresh rate to 60 FPS in the display options. Then you get at 1440p no permanent frame drops.

Improve PC Performance, Fix FPS Drops, Monster Hunter World

Turn off volume rendering quality

For improved performance, it is also recommended to completely turn off the volume rendering quality. It only exerts influence on the volumetric fog, which is not always present in the game. These can be found in the Advanced Graphics Settings.

See here how MHW runs without FPS-Lock in different settings

The following video shows how Monster Hunter World run without the Frame lock in different settings and the difference when the volume rendering quality is off or on.

As you can see, there are some differences of 20 FPS. He has tested with the following specs:

- Intel I7-6700K
- NVIDIA GTX 980 ti (6GB)
- 16GB RAM